Sous Vide Essentials Kit Review

Sous Vide Essentials Kit includes Hand Pump, 10 BPA Free Vacuum Sealed Bags, 1 Bag Sealing Clip and 4 Sous Vide Clips Review

Sous vide cooking is more popular than ever, and not just in the kitchens of 5 star restaurants. Word is getting out about how you can simply prepare meals to perfection with little time or effort involved.

If you’re thinking about diving into the sous vide method, you’re not alone, but you just might find that the upfront cost can be a little bit steep. You have to find and purchase your sous vide system, and oftentimes an expensive vacuum sealing system to cook your food.

There’s good news in that there is a solution the provides great value, and will help to convince you to dive headfirst into the sous vide machine, so you can start saving time and money on each and every one of your meals.

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Main Features

Sous Vide Essentials Kit includes Hand Pump, 10 BPA Free Vacuum Sealed Bags, 1 Bag Sealing Clip and 4 Sous Vide Clips ReviewThe Essentials Kit comes with everything you will need, as the name suggests, and also a little bit more. When you purchase the kit you get yourself 1 Hand Pump, 10 Vacuum Bags, 1 Bag Sealing Clip and 4 Secure Clips.

One of the greatest features of this kit is one that is going to be appreciated by those with limited kitchen space, or else those that are a little particular about they like to keep their kitchen.

The whole sealing system is small. Very small. In fact, it’s really only the Hand Pump you’ll need, and when you compare that against bulkier best sous vide vacuum sealing systems, the advantage of a small compact system become very clear.

What about the actual function, however? It’s great that the system is small, but that doesn’t count for much unless it’s also good at what it does.

As they say, good things come in small packages, and the Sous Vide Essentials Kit is certainly no exception. In fact, vacuum sealing your food and getting it prepared for sous vide cooking takes about 10 seconds, which means you can prepare your meals quicker than most Porsches can run a quarter mile.

The final product is just as impressive, and you can count on the fact that once you seal your food it will stay sealed until it’s finished cooling and you’re ready to eat.

Sous vide cooking takes time, and can require some higher temperatures. All the Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags are tested and approved for use in sous vide cooking, so you know you’re getting a quality product.

Best of all, this is a system you can use in the long run, and that’s because For Good sells extra bags for when you run out of your initial sous vide bags that come in the Essentials Kit. Just search Amazon for “Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags”.


Sous Vide Essentials Kit includes Hand Pump, 10 BPA Free Vacuum Sealed Bags, 1 Bag Sealing Clip and 4 Sous Vide Clips ReviewYou’re simply not going to find a system that does the vacuum sealing job this well with this kind of value. The fact that there are bags available on line as well means that you can count on using this system for as long as you need it.

Some of the lower quality vacuum seal system includes machines that are complicated. Their interfaces are difficult to understand, even more difficult to use, and the settings can complicate things more than simplify them. This is not an issue with the Sous Vide Essentials Kit.

Other vacuum sealing systems are bulky, and likely going to take up a lot of your precious kitchen counter or cabinet space. Nobody wants that. The good news is that the Sous Vide Essentials Kit is small, and you can store it anywhere and it’s guaranteed it won’t be in the way.


This product is perfect for people that cook with the sous vide method, but if you’re planning on doing a huge amount of vacuum sealing, and doing it frequently, it might be worth the investment to buy a mechanical sealing system.

The Verdict

This is an excellent system that is going to provide everything you need to get started cooking using the sous vide method.

Best of all, this system provides excellent value, and it will save you having to take up a ton of space in your kitchen for a bulky vacuum sealing system.

When you’re getting this kind of value, there’s really no reason not to pick yours up today. If you’re ready to pick yours up, check out Amazon where the sell the Sous Vide Essentials Kit and replacement bags when it comes time for that.

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