Six Best Sous Vide Machines

If you are a chef or simply know your way around a kitchen, chances are that you have at least heard of Sous Vide cooking. However, if you have heard of it, but never tried it, chances are that you are a bit confused about how to get started. It can be difficult to determine where you should start and what you should try to cook first.

This guide will provide you with all of the information you need in order to get started as a sous vide cook. Not only will the guide discuss all of the tools that you will need in order to get started, but it will also provide you with some basic recipes to try out. These simple recipes are delicious and will show you why this method of cooking allows you to do even more in your kitchen.

If you’re just here for the reviews, here are our picks for the top 5 immersion circulators and top 5 water ovens of 2018. You can also click the link right after the list to skip ahead to lengthier reviews

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First things First, What is Sous Vide?

Sir Benjamin Thompson

Sir Benjamin Thompson allegedly invented sous vide!

Sous Vide refers to a cooking technique that was developed by the French. Sous Vide translates to mean “under vacuum.” During this cooking technique food is first vacuum sealed within a cooking pouch. It is then heated up to a precise temperature using a water bath. Instead of relying on precise cook time, a Sous Vide chef relies on making sure that the temperature of the water bath remains controlled.

Just imagine the last time that you cooked a steak. Chances are that you know the exact texture and color or doneness of the steak that you like. Now think about how you prepared the steak and all of the techniques that you used in order to get it exactly the way that you want it.

When cooking a steak using the sous vide method you will simply set a pot of water to the correct temperature and time and you will get the perfect doneness every single time.

While sous vide cooking is just recently becoming more popular with home cooks, professional chefs and many restaurants have been using this method for many years. It is actually a relatively simple method that you can use in order to improve many of your favorite meals. This method allows you to remove the stress from cooking or at least the stress from making sure that your protein is cooked the way that you like it and allows you to focus on making more creative sauces, side dishes, or desserts.

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How Does Sous Vide Work?

Now that you know what sous vide is, you may be wondering exactly how it works and why it is a better method than the more traditional methods that you are likely familiar with.

Here is a short explanation. When it comes to traditional methods of cooking the heat flows from a burner to the pan and then to the food or if baking something in the oven the elements from the oven will heat up the air around the food and cook it. Since the heat from the pan and the heat from the oven are much hotter than you want the food to be, cooking the food correctly will require you to take it out of or off of the heat at the perfect moment. If you take it out too late the food is overcooked, if you take it out too early it is undercooked.

When you cook using water instead of a pan or the oven, you are able to raise the temperature enough to get the food to the exact temperature that you want it. You can take the food out as soon as it has finished cooking or you can let it rest in the water until you are ready to eat. There is no need to check the oven obsessively or standing over the stove.

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Why Choose to Learn Sous Vide?

While the name sous vide may sound fancy, it is actually a much simpler form of cooking than the name might suggest. Sous vide cooking is really as simple as sealing the ingredients in plastic and placing them in a combi oven, water bath, or other type of cooker that is capable of holding a target temperature to within a degree or two. Once the food reaches the target temp or time, you remove it, finish it off, and then serve it to your guests. The process is really that easy.

Not only is the method quite simple, but it provides you with results that are almost impossible to get when cooking using a traditional method. It is easy to overcook many types of meat including steak, ribs, pork of any kind, and even chicken. When you use the sous vide method you are going to get perfect entrees each and every time. Not only will the food be cooked perfectly, but it will be perfectly tender and moist, just the way that it should be.

Cooked Mellow Sous Vide Machine NY Strip Steak

Look how amazing this NY Strip Steak came out!

Meats and seafood are difficult to cook properly as there is a short window of time and technique that has to be used in order to get it perfect. For example, when frying fish the flesh has a narrow temperature range. The cooking temperature of the pan is going to be much hotter than the ideal temperature of the fish, which means that the edges are going to end up being much more cooked than the center when you are pan frying it.

Poultry products need to be held at a certain temperature in order to kill pathogens and make the food safe to eat. When cooking poultry using a traditional method it can be difficult to get it to that perfect temperature. However, when using sous vide you will be keeping the poultry at a target temp for a specific amount of time. This process pasteurizes the poultry, making it safe to eat.

Cooking and preserving food in a sealed package is actually an ancient technique. Throughout history food has been potted in fat, wrapped in leaves, sealed inside animal bladders, or packed in salt before it is cooked. For many years people have known that isolating food from the air can be accomplished through vacuum sealing and can lower the amount of decay of the food. In addition, using these packages will prevent the food from drying out.

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Sous vide as mentioned translates to mean under vacuum. However, the main feature of this cooking method is not the vacuum sealing or packaging, but rather accurate temperature control. Using a computer controlled heater will warm the water to any temperature that is set and can keep the temperature for many hours or even days.

There are several advantages of using uniformity of temperature and temperature control when cooking. First, this will allow you to cook the food to an even doneness the entire way through. There will be no dry edges and centers that are rare. Secondly, the results are highly repeatable.

One more reason to cook sous vide is that the bag will create a fully humid environment that will braise the food. The ingredients cooked using this method are more tender and juicier. Sous vide does not provide a brown edge, but this can easily be completed by searing off the meat once it has finished cooking.

Different Types of Sous Vide Machines

While the best sous vide will use the same basic function (cooking water with vacuum sealed bags), there is a differences between models. Let’s take a look.

Immersion Circulators

Anova Culinary WiFi Bluetooth Precision Cooker Product ImageA home immersion circulator is a little different. A sous vide circulator allows you to use your own pot or water container for the cooking process. So, instead of there being a big water tank, the unit will tell you how much water it can handle.

Place the machine in the water, change some settings and it takes care of the rest.

With an immersion circulator, you’re going to need to use a pot that you already have at home. We like using our largest pot, which can hold up to 2 gallons of water.

However, any pot will do as long as you can fully submerge the heating part of the immersion circulator. Cleaning these devices is really easy – just take soap and water to the part that goes under water, and make sure to dry it thoroughly.

The programmable part of the unit is usually waterproof or water resistant. There is no need to be afraid if you get it a little wet 🙂

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Water Ovens

Tribest Sousvant SV 101 Complete Circulator ReviewWater oven models look a lot like a crockpot, and they’re a complete oven that will heat the water and provide you with a tank that holds all of the water. You just add water, set the temperature, and add your food into the mix.

By being a self-contained water oven, you’re not going to need to deal with cleaning a separate pot every time. The water ovens range in size, from 3L to 10L capacity. The more capacity, the more that you’re going to be able to cook in the unit.

Cleaning the water oven is usually really easy – you simply pour the water out and let the container dry. Remember, it’s easier to clean your sous vide equipment if your vacuum sealed bags are clean when going in. Sometimes sauce can get on the outside of them. Be sure to wipe that off before submerging your food. If you do get something in your water oven, then simply take soap and water to it. Again – very easy.

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Sous Vide Immersion Circulators: Comparison Chart

Best Sous Vide Immersion Circulators 2018

There is often a big debate about whether a water oven vs immersion circulator is best for beginners. After weeks of testing, we’ve been able to conclusively answer that question for you.

We strongly believe that immersion circulators are the best piece of equipment for any beginner to have when getting started with sous vide cooking.

Here are the 3 reasons why:

  1. They’re very affordable! It doesn’t take a lot of money to buy a top rated immersion circulator. In fact, even the best immersion circulators for home use cost about as much as you’d pay for 3 fancy dinners at a restaurant!
  2. They’re easy to use! All you have to do is stick the it into the pot filled with water, pick the temperature, and hit start!
  3. They’re compact and portable! This makes them easy to store and portable! That’s right, if you hate your mother-in-law’s cooking, you can bring your immersion circulator to her house and cook for her! Imagine the brownie points you’ll score!

Without further adieu, here’s our picks for the best sous vide immersion circulators:

Top Pick: Anova Culinary WiFi/Bluetooth Precision Cooker

Anova Immersion Circulator Product Image

This is by far the BEST sous vide machine! If you prefer the versatility of using your own stock pots for cooking sous vide, then the Anova immersion circulator is a very good choice. This unit is designed to be clamped to almost any pot up to a 5 gallon capacity.

The circulators used in the Anova are very highly calibrated which results in superb temperature stability of around ±0.01°C. This means that you can be assured of excellent sous vide cooking results with this immersion cooker.

Cooking temperature can be adjusted up to 99°C and you can even change the direction of the water flow to prevent the cracking of eggs and problems with food pouches. At around $150 the Anova represents excellent value and will give you amazing suvee cooking results.

The Anova immersion circulator comes in two versions: Bluetooth only and Bluetooth with WiFi. I like having the Bluetooth and WiFi version because it allows me to monitor the cooking time and temperature wherever I am. I also get neat little notifications on my phone about the cooking process. The Anova app also has a ton of great recipes, and exclusive access to the #AnovaFoodNerd community.

Plus, the Anova sous vide immersion circulator with Bluetooth and Wifi is only like $20 more.

Click the yellow button below to see both versions on Amazon. You’ll be able to read all of the great things that customers are saying.

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Runner Up: The Joule (ChefSteps CS10001)

Joule CS10001 by ChefSteps Product Image

The Joule CS10001 by ChefSteps, has taken the sousvide world by storm; this is the first immersion circulator that can integrate with the most modern of technologies, such as Amazon Echo! Ready right out of the box, the Joule will cook the perfect meal for you each and every time! Don’t let the beautiful design on the Joule fool you; this immersion circulator packs a powerful punch!

Powering up to 1,100 watts, the Joule can hang with nearly any standalone sous vide machine available. Of course, since it is an immersion circulator, you can just use a pot you already have lying around at home.

There’s nothing that the Joule cannot tackle. I highly recommend it for every kitchen – both home and professional! Not only does it totally look futuristic and high-tech, but it also interfaces with your smartphone, tablet or another mobile device, on both iOS and Android, or you can just control it via Alexa.

What this does is give you a very slick modern-age advantage over other sous vide machines, allowing you to check online to see what the proper cooking time and temperature is, customize the cooking time on the fly – from anywhere – and then save those settings so that you always know how to cook your favorite foods perfectly. This cooker is a major game-changer in the kitchen, and you should get yours right now because once you make your first meal with it, you will want to use it every single day.

The Joule comes in two versions – the regular version and the stainless steel cap and base version. Functionally, they’re the exact same. The stainless steel version is more aesthetically pleasing and is theoretically more durable. For only $20 more, we choose to opt for the stainless steel version.

Click the yellow button below to view both models on Amazon.

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Honorable Mention: Sansaire SA15

Sansaire SA15 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Product Image

The Sansaire SA15 is very competitively priced will produce excellent sous vide cooking experiences. The Sansaire will allow you to use your own stock pots or water containers to cook with up to 6 gallons of water.

Using the Sansaire couldn’t be easier. It is a minimalist machine that lets you turn it on and off and set the cooking temperature. The real value is in the quality of cooking results that it produces which are excellent. This is a great suvee machine to get started with.

The only thing we didn’t like is how cheap the product feels. While it’s made of high-quality BPA-free plastic, we couldn’t help but think that the construction was a bit cheap. Of course, we haven’t had any problems whatsoever with it. It’s a super minor thing!

We really, really love about the Sansaire immersion circulator is how quiet it is. When comparing the noise levels of the Sansaire vs Anova vs Joule, the Sansaire is by far the quietest.

Oh, we didn’t mention our FAVORITE part about the Sansaire… and that is how FAST it heats up water. Even though the wattage is comparable to other models, we found that this baby heated up water the quickest! It’s always torture waiting for water to heat when you have a nice, juicy steak in front of you. This cuts down on the pain!

Click the yellow button to read what other customers are saying about the Sansaire sous vide circulator on Amazon.

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Top Budget Pick: Gourmia GSV140

Gourmia GSV140 Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation Circulator Product ImageGourmia continues to impress us with their newer immersion circulators. With a super-impressive 1,200 watt motor, the Gourmia GSV140 is one of the most powerful sous vide circulators on the market! Not only will water heat up extremely quickly, but it will remain heated to within 0.01 degree for the duration of the cook!

Because of its super-powerful motor, you can cook a TON of food at once – much more than most immersion sous vide pods. We really love this model for large families and for cooking larger quantities of food.

What we really, really love is how much value you’re getting for the cost. This is by far the best budget sous vide immersion circulator. Gourmia did a fantastic job of building a high-quality machine that’s affordable for absolutely anyone.

The only minor downside we’ve found is that you have to switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit each and every time that you want to use it. This can become annoying, but it takes all of 2 seconds to do. Definitely not a deal-breaker.

If you’re a beginner and want a budget-friendly machine, you won’t find a better option than the Gourmia GSV140. It’s less than $100 and works great! Click the yellow button below to see what others are saying about the Gourmia GSV140 on Amazon!

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Honorable Mention: Wancle Thermal Circulator

Wancle Sous Vide Cooker Product ImageLike the Gourmia GSV140, the Wancle Thermal Circulator is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget sous vide machine. With an 850 watt motor, you’ll be able to cook all of the food that you love, to perfection!

Since the motor is only 850 watts, you’re not going to be able to cook large quantities of food, nor do we recommend doing long (read: overnight) cooks with it.

However, if you’re looking to reliably make dinner in a few hours, then you really can’t go wrong with the Wancle. It’s a high-quality machine with a low price-tag. What’s not to love about that?

We found that it was able to hold the temperature to within 0.1ºC for up to 4 hours of cooking. This is going to be plenty for the overwhelming majority of the foods that you would cook. Since the Wancle is made of stainless steel, cleanup is an absolute breeze! Simple take it out of your pot and dry it off!

If you want a budget machine, we like the Gourmia GSV140 a bit more than the Wancle because of how powerful the GSV140 is. The Gourmia GSV140 is only $10 or so more than the Wancle, so entirely worth it. However, if you want to check out what other customers are saying about the Wancle, click the yellow button below to see it on Amazon!

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If you’d rather have the all-in-one water oven, then you’re going to love the below section. Scroll down to see which water ovens made our list!

Sous Vide Water Ovens: Comparison Chart

Best Sous Vide Water Ovens 2018

Top Pick:  SousVide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS

Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven, SVS10LS Image

This award-winning, high quality, self contained water oven from SousVide Supreme, one of the premier sous vide manufacturers, ranks as our top pick for sous vide water ovens. With a water container that can hold 11.2 liters or 2.96 gallons, you will be able to cook up to 20 pouches of food at a time.

It uses convection and some very sophisticated electronics to control water flow and temperature. The temperature stability is within ±1°F, ensuring that your most-expensive fillet cuts will come out perfectly. Because it uses the convection method, it is incredibly energy-efficient and only draws 850 watts of power. It also runs nearly-silent!

Cleanup is a breeze with the SVS10LS. All you have to do is empty out the tank and wipe it with a dry cloth! Talk about easy!

It is a truly “set and forget” sous vide cooker. Once you have used the simple controls to set up the cooking temperature and cooking duration time, you can walk away safe in the knowledge that you will get great cooking results from this unit. This is an excellent self contained suvee cooker.

We’ve had some of the best meals of our life thanks to this machine. We cannot recommend it enough. Click the yellow button to see what others are saying on

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Runner Up:  Tribest Sousvant SV-101

Steak Cooking in Tribest Sousvant SV-101

Our runner up is the Tribest Sousvant SV-101! This is a very well-thought out device that’s sure to wow even the most seasoned sous vide chefs. This amazing complete sous vide machine has a huge capacity of 3 gallons, allowing you to fit anything and everything in! The temperature and circulation are extremely precise and lead to a perfect cook each and every time.

Water heats up incredibly quickly and stays heated within 0.1ºF throughout the duration of the cook.

Using the Sousvant is simplicity itself. It has a very clear LCD display and easy to use buttons for temperature and cooking duration settings.

The Tribest sous vide cooker is priced extremely competitively and offers tremendous value when compared with other self contained units. It produces superb sous vide cooking results and you will want to use it more and more!

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Honorable Mention: Sous Vide Supreme Demi SVD-00101

Sous Vide Supreme Demi SVD-00101 Product Image

With this machine anybody can become a gourmet chef and cook amazing food. It is a fully self contained unit with a lid that helps prevent water evaporation. This means that you can set it up to cook your food and then leave it alone to do a perfect job for you.

The SousVide Supreme Demi offers excellent temperature stability to within ±1°F which means that you can rely on it to produce excellent results each time. The controls are really simple to use and the timer will let you know when your food is ready.

This incredible machine can cook with 8.7 liters of water and includes a specially designed rack that can hold 12 food pouches. The design of the Demi is compact and it will not require a lot of space in your kitchen. Get this superb suvee cooker today and you will not be disappointed.

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Best Premium Unit: Oliso 60001000 Pro Cooking System

Oliso 60001000 Pro Cooking SystemOliso really outdid themselves with this unit. It’s a complete cooking system that gives you both a sous vide machine AND an induction cooker! So not only are you going to be able to cook perfect food with this unit, but you’ll be able to sear your meal on it as well!

This is an awesome unit to have if you were either thinking about buying a separate induction cooker, or if you are looking to have a sous vide unit for your camper / RV / trailer.

You’re able to fit an enormous amount of food (up to 11 quarts) into this machine. It also comes with a stainless steel rack – which is something that most standalone units need, but don’t come with. You’ll be able to place 4 large bags within that rack.

Oliso gave this machine a very wide range of temperature, with a minimum of 86º F all the way up to 194º F. With the huge capacity, you’ll be able to make very large, overnight meals!

If you’re looking for a premium all-in-one sous vide unit, then you can’t go wrong with the Oliso Pro! Click the yellow button below to see what others are saying on Amazon!

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Best Budget Pick: Magic Mill Professional 2 in 1 Sous Vide Water Bath Oven and Slow Cooker Machine

Magic Mill Professional 2 in 1 Sous Vide Water Bath Oven and Slow Cooker Machine Product ImageMagic Mill made this awesome standalone sous vide unit with two things in mind: to create a high-quality, extremely versatile unit and to provide that unit for customers on a budget! Well folks, they more than exceeded their original goals!

The Magic Mill Professional 2-in-1 sous vide bath doubles as both a sous vide cooker and a slow cooker… all for less than $60! How amazing is that? Even more amazing is how well it works!

We have no idea how Magic Mill is making any money off this machine (nor do we really care, since it’s great for consumers!). Meals cooked in this unit, whether via sous vide or via slow cooker, come out perfectly. The unit cooks and cleans up incredibly well! Temperature is maintained throughout the duration of the cook.

You can’t really ask for much more from a budget unit! If you want to spend less than $60 on a standalone unit, then you really need to get the Magic Mill Pro 2-in-1. Click the yellow button below to grab yours today!

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Sous Vide Equipment Buying Guide

When you buy sous vide machine cookers, you’ll find that there is a lot to consider. Every model has its own benefits and drawbacks, and when you choose an oven or circulator, they’ll have a few specs and features that need further consideration.

Important Specs and Features

The specs and features you’ll need to take into consideration before deciding on the Sansaire sous vide or PID controller sous vide (a neat device that transforms many appliances into a sous vide), you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Water Capacity: How much water does the unit need (circulator) or how much can it hold (oven)?
  • Capacity: How much food can the machine hold?
  • Water Depth: Certain foods need a specific water depth. Lamb, for example, cooks best when immersed in 6” + of water.
  • Temperature Display: Can you see the current temperature?
  • Temperature Range: Certain foods need higher temperatures or lower temperatures. Learn what the temperature range is before choosing a model.
  • Timer: A great safety feature and provides even more confidence when cooking.

These are really the most important features of a water cooker. If you purchase a circulator, you’ll want to think about:

  • Precise temperature
  • Noise production
  • Water capacity of current water containers

Every sous vide review will tell you the basics, but you need to also know what to look for, and this is why you’re reading our buying guide. We discussed a few of the most important features above, but you also want to scour all of those immersion circulator reviews (or regular sous vide) for comments on:

  • Hard Scale Buildup: Scale buildup needs to be removed, and some models are very hard to clean. Look for methods of cleaning this buildup or common complaints of buildup.
  • Leaks: The tanks can leak, and this would render the sous vide useless if the leak is serious. Check to see if the model has a common problem with leaking.
  • Button Problems: Circulators often have button problems, and this needs to be looked at, too.
  • Pot Options: Circulators that go into your own pots or containers need to be reviewed in terms of what issues people had with their pots. If the unit says it works for an 8-quart pot and every user is stating it won’t work for their 8-quart pot, this is a concern.

Just remember every model will have their own complaints – they all do. The only issue we find with reviews is when trying to find sous vide commercial equipment. In this case, reviews seem to often be lacking for these models.

Safety Considerations

Although most commercial sous vide machines would be considered safe, it is worth looking for additional safety features. The main danger comes from the evaporation of water while cooking. You want your pouches of food to be continuously immersed in the water.

If your sous vide cooker has a lid then this will help. Other machines will actually measure the level of the water and will either shut down automatically or sound an alarm if the level of the water becomes too low.

A lot of immersion circulators will have protective shields which are designed to prevent the pouches of food touching the pump and heating coil during the cooking process.

Common Questions about Sous Vide

Here are some of the common questions that people have about cooking sous vide.

What are some of the cons of cooking sous vide compared to a traditional cooking method?

After reading all of the benefits of cooking sous vide you may be wondering if there is anything wrong with this method of cooking. As with anything in life, nothing is perfect and there are a few cons of the sous vide method.

First, this method of cooking takes a long time. For example, to traditionally cook a steak it will take you about fifteen to twenty minutes to get it to the plate. Using the sous vide method to cook a steak is going to take well over an hour. Using a smoker for a pork shoulder will take six to eight hours, while cooking the same pork shoulder sous vide can take more than a day. It is important to note that while sous vide does take longer, almost all of the time is hands off.

Another problem is that no matter what the sous vide zealots say you are not going to be able to get the same sear on your meat as you can with traditional methods. The sear after cooking sous vide is going to thinner than that of a more traditional cooking method.

Finally, one of the big concerns and the reason that most people do not get started cooking sous vide is because of the equipment that is required. In addition to all of the traditional tools required for cooking you also need an immersion circulator and a vacuum sealer.

When do you season the meat? Can you add salt to the bag before freezing or storing?

When most people think of salt they think of it as a simple flavoring agent. However, it is much more than that. Salt can impact the texture of the meat as it will dissolve the muscle proteins as it is working its way inside.

Seasoning meat right before bagging it and cooking it will have very little effect. However, salting meat and storing it can dramatically affect the texture, turning it from being raw and meaty to becoming more firm over time.

Some people do not like the texture of meat that has been salted and stored, while others are okay with it. For meats that you would brine such as pork, fish, or chicken, salting is typically okay. If storing red meat and you want to avoid the harder texture you will want to season it right before you cook it or after you have cooked it sous vide and before you sear it.

How do you really know how long to cook food sous vide?

When you are looking at recipes for sous vide you are going to find that often times there is a wide range of times given for this type of cooking. The reason for this is because sous vide cooking is very forgiving. If you see a recipe that states one to four hours for the cook time the reason is because within that time range there is going to be very little to almost no difference in the safety or quality of the food.

If you cook it for longer than the recipe states there are no real health concerns associated with the food. However, if you cook it for much longer you will notice a difference in texture. For the best results do not cook the recipe for longer than the recommended time.

Is it really safe to cook in plastic?

The safety of plastic cooking bags is something that many people are concerned about. When it comes down to it, the bags that are made specifically for sous vide cooking are safe to use. Oven bags, many top brands of zip top bags, and stretchy plastic wrap are all safe to use for sous vide cooking as well.

These products are made from a product called polyethylene. Polyethylene is often used in containers found in chemistry and biology labs and it has been extensively studied. It is safe to use.

Avoid using cheap plastic wraps when you are cooking. Cheaper plastic wraps are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and heating this can present a risk of the chemicals from the plastic leaching into your food.

Can I cool and reheat food that has been cooked sous vide if the bag has not been opened?

If food is cooked at a temperature of 130 degrees F or higher and for at least several hours, the contents of the bag should be almost sterile. This means that chilling the bag and then reheating it should not pose a significant health risk.

However, doing this can affect the results. For a traditionally slow cooked meat such as a pork shoulder or chicken thigh, there is no real problem. However, for a quick cooking meat such as fish or other seafood, steaks, chicken breasts, and chops, cooling and heating the bag can cause the meat to dry out.

Note that any food that has not been held or cooked at a temp of 130 degrees F or above should not be chilled and reheated as the temperatures are not high enough to destroy any dangerous bacteria

Can bagged food be cooked straight from the freezer?

One of the nice benefits of cooking sous vide is that you can vacuum seal your bags and throw them in the freezer to use at a later date. You can pull the bag directly from the freezer and put it in the water bath to cook. There is no need to thaw the bag first. However, you will need to make sure that you add a bit of time to the cooking. For a thick chop or steak it may take an extra 30 to 60 minutes. For thin chicken breasts or shrimp add about 15 minutes to the cook time.

Who benefits the most from sous vide?

Anyone can honestly use a sous vide, but you may be on the fence as to whether you really need one. Do I need buy immersion circulator machines, or can I live without one? And you can live without one, sure. But this doesn’t mean your life (and the food you enjoy) won’t be enhanced with sous vide machines.

The people who often get the most out of a home sous vide machines are:

  1. Students: You pay a lot for a dorm room, but when it comes to an oven, they leave you stranded and make you go to the cafeteria. The food is often horrible, and when you want something different, the most you’re left with is a microwave. Students stuck in this situation will find that there are no rules against cooking your food with water.
  2. Bachelors: Pizza and hot pockets beware; bachelors have a new way to cook. If you find yourself going out to eat often and there isn’t someone helping cook, a key to breaking the cycle is making cooking a breeze. This is what you can achieve with water cooking.
  3. Busy Moms: You have your hands full. Billy has soccer practice, Jenny has cheerleading and you have to find some way to cook and stay on budget. I get it: parenting is hard and demanding. But with a little foresight, you can have dinner cooking when you’re running errands and ready to rip your hair out.

All sous vide reviews say the same thing: it’s so easy to cook with a machine sous vide.

If your time is limited or you simply can’t get yourself to stand over a stove for hours watching your food cook, this may be the right choice for you.


With sous vide cooking becoming more and more popular there are a lot of suvee machines available and choosing the right one for you can be difficult. That’s why we offer our honest sous vide machine reviews. Each of the six machines in our top six have their own special features and qualities, so first consider what you want from a sous vide machine and then click to buy the one that meets your requirements.

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