Nomiku Sous Vide Review (Updated 2021)

The Nomiku Sous Vide was one of the most hyped sous vide machines when it launch. It’s been out a few years so we thought we would revisit our review and update it!

So how does the Nomiku hold up? Let’s find out.

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Nomiku Sous Vide Features

Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide 1100 Watt Immersion Circulator ReviewStarting off from the first novelty in the realms of sous vide equipment, cutting edge technology that allows you to put in recipes into your cooker!

If you are not into electronics or don’t think that you will find any use for it, don’t give up on the idea just yet because believe me, once you go tech, you never go back!

The instruction manual provided with the machine was sufficient enough to teach me how to do it and I’m a very naughty student if I may say so.

I later found out that one could even go as far as control the temperature and the timer by simply connecting your phone to the machine and using it as a remote!

I could literally watch TV and cook my meal, WHAT THE HECK?!

Another great feature would have to be the ability to create your own recipes!

I wasted hours playing with all the functions and different styles as this was a breath of fresh air in the industry.

The future is looking bright!

The Design Really Is On A Next Level

I already mentioned how stunned I was when I got to take a closer look at that thing.

Not only is the design really cool, stylish and futuristic, the Sous Vide machine itself fits right in my hand.

I feel like the manufacturers took extra care just to make it is as user-friendly as possible.

The colors were fitting nicely and allowed for a nice and aesthetic view.

It really amazed me just how much thought went into the small details!

I forgot to mention that the device itself is quite nimble and you can basically put it in any place you want to.

I found a simple drawer to be sufficient enough to do the job.

A Motor That Will Annihilate Your Food!

This might not be the best title in the world, but the 1100 Watts beg to differ.

I always like to point out the fact that while cooking with a sous vide machine is recommended as you can get professional meals in the comforts of your home, one still has to think about one thing.

The time it takes to do it.

Nomiku Sous Vide ReviewNow of course if you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for over two hours just to get some food into your mouth, you will appreciate any alternative.

Still, I believe that even five minutes saved is a lot of time as it adds up over the course of a year.

I’ve noticed that this cooker not only heats the food 40% faster but it also cooks the food in rapid succession!

This really was a nice change as most models feature motors that are not as powerful as this one.

I personally welcome it as more power to the engine means more power to the people!

What Could Be Improved Upon

I was really trying my hardest to come up with something here but let’s face it; This model wasn’t designed to accommodate a horde, more like your partner and yours truly, at most.

This won’t prove to be a problem if you are not trying to impress your work office or your relatives but it’s still good to know not to expect literally everything from one product.


This was one of those machines that made me improvise on what to improve upon them.

It’s a really tough job when you love the thing so much that you purchased multiple models to be given away to your family.

I don’t have anything else to say but to buy it if you want to really experience what the future will taste like!


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