Hamilton Beach Professional Water Oven Review

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Hamilton Beach is one of the biggest names in kitchen appliances. However, this is the first sous vide machine that they’ve made! Let’s see what Hamilton Beach is bringing to the table.

As many of you may already be familiar with this brand we will spare you the credentials and history. However, you should rest assured that the company has a reputation for quality kitchenware and their spin on the sous vide is no exception.

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Here’s our Hamilton Beach Sous Vide Machine Review:

Hamilton Beach Sous Vide Features

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Non-stick metal 6-quart container
  • Easy to use
  • Programmed controls
  • Dual functionality as water oven and slow cooker

As you have likely come to expect this time of digital cooker is very effective with consistent temperature control, and the Hamilton Beach is no exception. The LED digital display is easy to read and program with several options for timers and temperatures. The nice thing about this model is when the timer goes off it will automatically switch to warm as to not overcook anything you are preparing. This allows you to relax while your meal is being cooked.

The non-stick container also allows you easy cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about multiple rinses or any serious scrubbing after your meal is done cooking. Having this as a feature in something that’s supposed to reduce the amount of time you’re in the kitchen, will allow you to clean easier and quicker. Don’t break your back again trying to scrub pots and pans after you’ve cooked. Simply put this in the dishwasher and let the pressure of water and the heat clean the appliance for you.

If you want to get the most bang out of your buck and stock up on versatile products that can aid you in multiple ways, this machine from Hamilton Beach is one for the books

Having dual functionality, you won’t have to worry about having multiple appliances taking on only one task a piece.

The aforementioned Sous Vide water oven and slow cooker can do much more than you think, and is two appliances for the price of one. With optimal and precise temperature control, you can distribute the heat of the cooker evenly, cooking the food to its optimal consistency, texture, and taste. Never waste money on a product again that doesn’t utilize proper heat distribution. In having the aforementioned, you don’t have to worry about someone not being pleased when eating in your household again.

If you’re wondering why you wouldn’t just use an appliance you already have, or buy something with a rapid cooking setting, the reason is because a slow cooker allows for more moisture and the retaining of the flavor due to said moisture. Doing so over a slow period of time allows the food you’re baking to taste much better than without. Having this combination machine just makes it that much easier.

The size of this cooking vessel is not something to shake off, as the 6 quarts of space can help you cook quite a bit for a good sized event happening at your house. If you’re someone who hosts dinners at your house for religious holidays, or even the Super Bowl (which is practically a religious holiday), then this is something you’d definitely want to invest it and begin using when it’s time to prep and cook.

Being programmable, you can prep your cooking before you get started and have an appliance take care of all of it for you. Instead of having to keep an eye on the cooking food with traditional cooking methods, you can select your programmed settings and begin your food journey with ease. Those who have other things to begin working on can pop this open, fill it up with what you need to, and focus on other things.


There are a TON of advantages to using this Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide water oven. Beyond what we’ve already raved about, the ease of use of this product is something you can’t pass up.

While there are other brands of sous vide machines on the market, this one takes the cake with versatility, pricing, and ease of use.

Programmable controls allow you to select what you want to do and walk away until it’s done

If the aforementioned sounds like something you’d want and need in a hectic household such as your own, then you definitely want to invest in something like this.


We can’t say that there are many disadvantages of the product, although we’re sure people have found some due to nit-picking and personal preferences. One of the only disadvantages that can be noted is that the 4-inch depth may be a bit too shallow for those who want to cook more voluminous foods for their events. Although, this is largely due to personal preferences and not something that cause the product to not work well.

There are a few annoyances for those who want to utilize both aspects of this machine with ease, but nothing that should deter the buyer, as it performs very well and outperforms a lot of the competition.

One last disadvantage of this is that the beeping mechanism may not be loud enough for you to hear. If you have a naturally loud household, you may have to use your phone to remind you or even your microwave timer to assist you.

The Final Verdict

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re obsessed with this combination sous vide machine. If you want to get the most bang out of your buck and stock up on versatile products that can aid you in multiple ways, this sous vide machine from Hamilton Beach is one for the books.

Available at a great price and super simple to use, someone who has little to no knowledge at all will find solace in knowing this product exists.

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