VacMaster SV1 Sous Vide Review (Updated 2021)

VacMaster SV1 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Let’s not kid ourselves, the first thing one would notice about this cooker would be the unconventional design.

You would expect a sous vide machine to be a bit more constricted, weightless and how would I best put it; ‘Stylish’

Definitely a bold move from the guys back at VacMaster (who make amazing vacuum sealers), now the burning question in my mind is:

Did it pay off for them?

That is why this review has been created, we will dig into all the technicalities of the SV1.

I will be with you the whole time, ensuring that you get to experience this sous vide machine as if it was your own!

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VacMaster SV1 Features

VacMaster SV1 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator ReviewI’m a big guy and I like to eat a lot. Anyone have a problem with that?

Suvee machines have often suffered from the lack of reach they have, meaning that only a limited amount of food could be prepared at once.

Add in the fact that most food prepared in a machine designed for sous vide cooking takes ages to finish, leaving massive production out of the window from step one.

That was all set in stone until this model came around.

With up to 30 liters of water being heated by an immersion circulator, you will be able to cook a living human inside that thing!

If anybody asks, you didn’t get the idea from me.

Digital Panel Is Very Large

I’m a bit disappointed that the screen isn’t LCD but we’ve got to work with what we got.

The thing that this cooker definitely has going for it is the large screen that lets you control a lot of variables.

The buttons are also very big, so you won’t be pressing random buttons if you have huge fingers like I do!

I hope to see this type of control screen in other models too, I feel as if many companies put too much effort into their cooker being sleek while not paying any attention to the size of the panel.

Material Is Very Hard And Solid

This is what I like to see. I mean, you can’t just throw it around as if it was a football but truth be told, this cooker can take quite a bit of abuse.

This is all allowed by the steel that was used in manufacturing this bad boy, making it almost impenetrable!

Review of the VacMaster SV1 Sous Vide Immersion CirculatorAutomatic Cooking, Set-Check-Ready To Go!

With some Sous Vide cookers, you have to attend them as if they were a baby or a small child.

It really takes away from the experience, especially if you have a partner nearby or if you are trying to relax after a long day at work.

Once you set this cooker up, you can lay back and take a nap for all I care, as the automatic system and integrated timer do the job instead of you!

The Immersion Circulator Ensures Even Heat Distribution

In secret, I always preferred models based on a circulator because of this sole reason.

There is nothing worse than having an unevenly cooked meal served at your table, even worse when you are the one doing it!

Imagine the shame and the rumors if that were to happen to a work colleague of yours, doesn’t sound very appealing to me, now does it?

The good thing about this model is that you can feed a freaking army (note the cookers ability to heat up to 30 liters of water at once) while being confident that the food is actually going to be cooked.

What Could Be Improved Upon

I’m just going to be honest with you: The design looks horrible and is a visual disaster.

Not only that but considering the fact that this model looks like a freaking sumo wrestler in comparison to the other anorexic supermodels, it isn’t as flexible as other contenders.

This is only a concern if you are traveling a lot so I wouldn’t put too much weight into that.


Although I will never show this model off to any of my friends because of its ugly design, its functions are absolutely top notch.

I couldn’t have wished for a better cooker for sous vide; It’s large, it’s more than capable of cooking my food and the controls are simplified in such a way that a baby could navigate it!

I invite everyone to go ahead and opt in for a purchase as this really is one of the finer models out there.


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