PARTU Sous Vide Cooker Review

Partu Sous Vide Cooker ReviewIf you want to make sure that your cooking is as good as it can be, there are a few things that you should account for. The first thing is the recipe that you’re using, as adjusting what you’re putting into a meal will have the greatest possible effect on the result, but if you’ve tried every adjustment, it may be something else.

The tools that you use in your kitchen can considerably influence the results of your meals, and better equipment will consistently result in better food. However, there are so many different ways to cook that it can get a little challenging to keep track of every one of them, though some stand out from the rest.

Sous vide is one of the most notable methods of cooking since it consists of heating up your ingredients in water with a relatively low temperature for longer periods of time. This results in slower, more even cooking, thanks to the water’s constant circulation and the lack of temperature variation.

If you’re going to do some sous vide cooking, then you’ll need a cooker, and finding the right one can be hard if you’ve never purchased one before. In this guide, we’re going to look at one of the best models on the market, made by PARTU, and we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about it.

Before we get into the details, let’s discuss two of the most important features to look for in a quality sous vide cooker.


As with any other product, one of the essential things to look for in a sous vide cooker is an acceptable degree of reliability. Short of being frustrating, a sous vide cooker which stops working on you partway through a meal being prepared can ruin your dinner, not to mention costing you extra money.

If a sous vide cooker fails early, you’ll have to pay to replace it, which means that you won’t get your money’s worth for the duration of its service life. This is why it’s often a better idea to get your hands on a sous vide cooker that is a little more expensive if you can rest assured that it will last.

Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is whether or not your sous vide cooker is easy to use, as that will affect how frequently you use it in the first place. If a product is too challenging to use, then you likely won’t even take it out of the cupboard, so what’s the point of buying it at all?

Consider whether the instructions are well-written and if they feature pictograms that can show you how you use the sous vide cooker. Also, consider the button layout and whether everything is logically-arranged so that you can remember how to use it for the next time.

The Product


  • Designed to be easier to use for sous vide beginners
  • 360-degree water circulation helps ensure even heating
  • Features a maximum of 0.2 degrees F of temperature variation
  • The timer can go up to 99 hours and 59 minutes
  • The housing can be twisted off for an easier cleanup process
  • Designed with a 90-degree angle so that the electronics don’t get damaged by heat and moisture


If you’re looking for a sous vide cooker that is as simple as possible to use without giving up any performance, then this one from PARTU is an excellent choice. It comes equipped with some advanced features, but it has an affordable enough price point to be approachable for people just getting into this form of cooking.


If we were to recommend a sous vide cooker for someone who has never used one before, then this model would likely be our first choice. It is designed to be easy to use, and it features a minimalistic control panel which provides you easy access to the temperature and timer functions.

This sous vide cooker was intelligently made with a 90-degree angle that keeps all of the electronics out of the way of the rising heat and moisture. This ensures that the device will last as long as possible, and the angle also makes it easier for the cooker to rest on the lip of a pot.

The adjustable clamp ensures that this cooker can fit on nearly any form of cookware, and it fits tightly and securely. This cooker is also extremely compact, weighing just around 3 pounds, and it’s only 14 inches tall. 

What Others Say

We’ve also gone over what other customers have had to say about this product to give you the best idea of what to expect when you bring this cooker home. Most of the reviews mentioned the simple operation of this sous vide cooker, with buyers saying that it only took a day to learn the key functions.

Another advantage was that the cooker is quieter than the competition, so you won’t be disturbing anyone while cooking with it. One of the main criticisms of this product was that the controls don’t provide visual, auditory, or haptic feedback, making it hard to know if you’ve pressed a button.

Buying Advice

The price is one of the main factors that make this sous vide cooker an attractive choice, as it’s available for about half as much as its nearest competitors. For the lower price point, you don’t give up much beyond a few superfluous features, as this product is still exceptionally well-made.

Another thing to consider is that this product comes included with a two-year warranty, so you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth before it fails. PARTU also has a competent customer service department that will do their best to honor the warranty, so you won’t have to jump through hoops.


If you need a sous vide cooker that is user-friendly without sacrificing performance, this one from PARTU is an excellent option. The price point, interface, and even heating all come together to make this product an excellent choice.

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