Sous Vide Pronunciation

Ever wonder what the proper pronunciation is for the word Sous Vide, but were too afraid to ask? It’s simple!

In order to pronounce Sous Vide, simply say – Sooo (like an ooooo sounding), and then Veeed! So putting it together, its just sooo-veeed!


So, the second “s” in the word sous is actually not pronounced at all!

Got it. So what Does Sous Vide even mean?

The word Sous Vide is actually a french word, it means Under Vacuum. Sous = Under, Vide = Vacuum. Which makes sense, since Sous Vide cooking is essentially vacuum sealing food and cooking it under a specific temperature.

For a more detailed guide in to the history of Sous Vide cooking check out our article here.

However, certain times we don’t need a vacuum bag nowadays – for example when infusing alcohol, I prefer to use mason jars. Check out that recipe while we’re on the subject! – The Ultimate Guide To Sous Vide Alcohol Infusions

I hope this helps clear up and questions you had about the Sous Vide pronunciation. Below is a picture and link to  one of our favorite Sous Vide Machines today if you are interested in jumping in to the Sous Vide world!



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