Cleaning Your Cast Iron with Chain Mail

Cleaning Your Cast Iron Pan with Chain Mail

Looking to clean that gunky cast iron pan? One of the most critical ways to achieve a perfect sear, is by using a Cast Iron Pan. Our favorite here at the Sous Vide Wizard is the Lodge

Clean Cast Iron Chain Mail

The cast iron is superior for searing because it’s naturally nonstick, it retains heat wonderfully, and the material gives a better sear than a stainless steel pan. It is so versatile, if I had to choose one item in my kitchen it would be the cast iron (and sous vide, of course!)

Cleaning Cast Iron Pan

So what is the negative?

The main issue most people have with their cast iron pans, is that they can be a burden to clean. Especially when your food has a good marinade or dry, rub, it can get stuck to the pan as in the image above (this was after my tri-tip)

However, I have a solution!

Instead of scrubbing your pan with olive oil, paper towels, salt, etc. there is a better way.

Chain Mail Scrubbers

Once I purchased my first chain mail I never looked back. It makes cleaning your cast iron pan SO SIMPLE! It quickly and easily removes all residue while keeping that valuable seasoning on the pan. I could not believe I went all those years without realizing I could quickly use a chain mail for my pan.

Cleaning Your Cast Iron Pan with Chain Mail

  1. Run your cast iron under water
  2. Using your chain mail, scrub the pan in small circular motions until all the gunk is off
  3. Feel free to add a little salt as well for those stubborn spots
  4. Make sure to dry thoroughly
  5. Voila!

You can find my favorite here: The Ringer

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