Why WiFi Sous Vide is Awesome

Why Wifi Sous Vide Is Awesome

Sous vide cooking is great. The food tastes great and the prep time is minimal. A sous vide machine with Wifi capability can make your sous vide cooking even more convenient; you don’t even have to be home to start cooking! What’s even better is that the sous vide machines with Wifi usually have super easy-to-use apps, which walks you through the correct time and temp, ensuring that you end up with perfect food, every time.

Convenience of WiFi

Wifi capability makes sous vide cooking easy.

Don’t know what to make? Check the app.

Don’t know how long to cook your food? Check the app.

Want to check on your food’s progress but have errands to run? Check the app.

Notice a trend? The apps for most of the machines are super user friendly; once they have established connection with the machine, they will walk you through the time and temp for what you are preparing. They will let you know when the water is heated, when the food is done, and even give you the option to turn the machine off and on from a distance, or keep it running for longer than the standard cook time. That means that if you are going to cook steaks while you are at work, and they finish cooking before you get home, they can hang out and wait patiently for you to give them a quick sear, providing you with an awesome, steakhouse quality dinner that requires minimal prep.

Another cool thing about cooking with Wifi is that you can still prep an awesome dinner, even if the meat is frozen. That means that you can take your frozen steak out before you leave for work and let it rest in the water bath. Once you decide that it’s time to start cooking, you can use the app to start the machine. Dinner will be perfectly cooked by the time you arrive home. What could be easier than that?

Sleek design

One of the best things about using a sous vide machine with Wifi capability is that the machine is sleek, with minimal electronics that could come in contact with the water in which you are cooking (read; safer for you). One machine is controlled entirely through its app, meaning that there are no buttons or screens that could short out.

Food Safety

Speaking of using Wifi sous vide, the app can help to ensure food safety. Once the machine is connected, you can choose the food that you are cooking, and the app will help to guide you through time and temperature so that you can make perfectly cooked food. If you try to make up your own recipe, and the temperature might be in the “danger zone” (40-140 degrees Fahrenheit), the app will notify you of that so that you can adjust for safe cooking time.

Additionally, the Wifi capability will help to let you know what’s going on with your food if you aren’t home. If, for some reason, the cooker is disconnected from Wifi, the app will notify you; this helps to alleviate the pain of returning home, only to find that your dinner wasn’t properly cooked.

Sous vide cooking is awesome, and using a Wifi-enabled machine makes it that much more convenient. It maximizes efficiency and can be controlled from anywhere; your desk, car, or even during a meeting.

Popular WiFi Sous Vide Machines

The most popular sous vide machines that have WiFi are the Breville Joule and Anova Precision Cooker.


This article was written by Stephanie Searor, MS RD LDN

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