Sous Vide Cooking Method for Carnivore Dieters

Sous Vide is the ultimate cooking method for carnivore dieters. Sous vide cooking produces restaurant-quality steak every single time. It’s also foolproof because you can leave your steak or fish in the water bath for hours, and it won’t overcook.

On my low-carb carnivore journey, sous vide cooking made my life so much easier and tasty. If I have friends over for dinner, I can just toss my carnivore-friendly foods into the water bath, and I’m guaranteed a perfect meal every time.

So in this post, I’ll cover the benefits of the carnivore diet and why you should consider sous vide cooking when eating a carnivore diet.

Sous Vide Carnivore Diet

What Are The Benefits Of A Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet removes processed foods like bread, pasta, candy, and soda. These foods spike blood glucose and insulin levels since they’re packed with simple sugars and carbs, leading to weight gain, low energy levels, and constant hunger.

So if you cut out these foods completely, your weight loss journey will be easier, you’ll feel fuller for longer, and you won’t be hungry all the time. Some other benefits include:

• Reduced inflammation
• Increased nutrient density
• Mental clarity
• Reduced insulin resistance

What Is Sous Vide Cooking And Why Should I Care?

Sous vide is a French term for “under a vacuum”. It’s a cooking technique in which food is heated at a consistent temperature in a water bath. Because sous vide cooking heats water to a precise temperature, we can predict the exact results.

Restaurants use sous vide cooking to create steak, fish, eggs, and other foods because they produce the same quality every time. However, several companies started making affordable sous vide machines for household use.

When you cook a steak in a pan, heat from the burner goes to the pan and into your steak. But because the pan’s metal is hotter than your food, you must remove it from the heat at the perfect moment.

Too soon, and you have undercooked steak. Too late, and your steak is burnt.

But with sous vide, you raise the temperature of the water to the exact temperature you want your food to be. This makes it almost impossible to overcook any meal.

Why Sous Vide Cooking Is The Perfect Tool For Carnivore Dieters

Sous vide cooking offers a few compelling benefits that carnivore dieters will appreciate:

• It’s super convenient
• Sous vide cooking is cheaper
• You can get your kids involved
• You can do it anywhere

Sosu Vide Carnivore Diet

Sous Vide Is Super Convenient

The biggest benefit of sous vide cooking for carnivore dieters is convenience. If you live a busy lifestyle, you can prepare meals weeks or even months ahead of time.

Simply portion out your meat in sous vide plastic bags, marinate it, and freeze it for future use.

When making food, simply toss your plastic bag into the water bath, and leave it in for as long as you want. There’s no need to stand over your food because you can’t overcook it. During this time, you can get more important tasks done.

It’s Cheaper

Before I used sous vide cooking, I’d go to my favorite restaurant at least once a week because I couldn’t emulate their steak. It’s always so tasty and juicy, while my homemade steak is hard and tough.

But when I started using sous vide cooking, I noticed that my steaks would taste better than most restaurants. This saved me at least a few hundred dollars every week.

So whenever I feel like driving to my favorite restaurant for some steak and ribs, I’d whip out a plastic bag from my freezer and put it in the water bath. After some time, I’d sear my steak for a minute or two, and I’m good to go.

You Can Get Your Kids Involved

If you want to teach your children proper nutrition and how to cook healthy foods, then sous vide is perfect.

Cooking with scorching oil can be dangerous. However, sous vide cooking is safe.

Cooking is one of the most essential skills for children to develop since studies show that children involved with meal prep are more likely to make healthier decisions as an adult.

They can help with sprinkling spices, pouring the olive oil, and putting the plastic bag in the water bath.

You Can Do It Anywhere

Unlike traditional cooking methods where you need an entire kitchen to prepare a meal, with a sous vide machine, you only need an electrical outlet and a bowl of water. This makes it a practical cooking choice if you’re going on vacation.

Personally, when I’m on vacation, cooking can be a hassle, so I eat out a lot. But with a sous vide machine, I’ll simply take it with me, and leave my steak in it for a few hours while having fun with friends and family.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of sous vide cooking for carnivore dieters, let’s look at a common concern amongst new sous vide cookers.

Is Cooking In A Plastic Bag Safe?

Regular plastic contains several harmful chemicals like BPA that increase estrogen levels and promote the growth of cancer cells.

However, plastics from bottles aren’t the same as sous vide plastics. Sous vide bags don’t contain any BPA or harmful chemical substances, and they are designed to undergo heat. Some sous vide bags can even withstand boiling water. This makes sous vide cooking perfectly safe.

What Can I Cook Using Sous Vide

You can cook almost anything using sous vide. Some foods include:

• Steaks
• Organ meats
• Fish
• Eggs
• Bacon
• Chicken

This makes sous vide one of the best cooking methods for those on a carnivore diet. There is no need to stand over a hot stove for half an hour frying some steak and eggs just to overcook them.

Simply pop your steak and eggs into the sous vide machine, and you can complete tasks that require your direct attention. Whenever you have free time, remove your steak and eggs, and you’ll have a tasty meal.

Sous Vide Carnivore Diet

Final Thoughts On Sous Vide Cooking On A Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet is a low-carb diet that helps you lose weight and reduce inflammation. However, cooking steaks and fish can become tiresome. It’s also super easy to burn if you aren’t paying careful attention.

With sous vide, you can store your entire month’s food in plastic bags and put it in the freezer. When you’re hungry, pop it into your sous vide bath. This way you get a perfect meal every time without working hard in the kitchen.

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