PolyScience Sous Vide Review (Updated 2022)

polyscience sous vide review

PolyScience Culinary specializes in innovative culinary technology. PolyScience has created numerous award qualifying and award winning products. They are known for their sous-vide accessories, among other things. Their machines have won numerous awards including the prestigious Red Dot award.

In 2022 they updated their line and it is very impressive!

PolyScience has been in the Sous Vide game for a long time and certainly know what they are doing. My main gripe with their old machines was the design. It was looking like something straight out of the 90s.

Their new machines are beautiful and sleek with touch screens, while retaining the functionality that makes their machines so great.

By using an immersion circulator to heat the water evenly, you can create many Sous vide dishes such as fish, pork, steak, chicken, and even eggs that will stay perfectly soft and fluffy until you’re ready to serve them. PolyScience offers a line of the best immersion circulators you can get, among these is the PolyScience HydroPro.

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Polyscience sous vide review

Polyscience Sous Vide HydroPro


The design of this machine is truly beautiful.

It features a very sleek and shiny heating element, with an updated LED touch screen above.

It also has an unobtrusive clip that can be removed.

It would look great in any modern kitchen today.

Verdict: 9/10


PolyScience is one of the first pioneers to bring the Sous Vide machine into home kitchens. They are known for having temperatures that hold very specific and steady.

These machines are powerful and accurate enough for commercial chefs as well as home cooks.

I also love how intuitive and easy it is to use. It clips right on the side of any pot of water. I was amazed how well this product performed under even the toughest conditions. The easy to read LCD screen shows the set temperature and the actual temperature.

The actual temperature is always within 0.07 degrees of the set temperature! 

The HydroPro features 1450 watts of power which is enough for flow of 17 liters per minute. Without getting too nerdy, this is one of the most powerful machines on the market and will get your water up to temperature extremely quickly.

Another great thing I love about this circulator is how durable and compact it is. It is made out of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring long lasting performance and it is compact enough to store practically anywhere.

Futhermore, it makes cleaning a breeze with how easy it is to disassemble.

Verdict: 9/10

Final Verdict

The main gripe I have with this machine is that for a beginner Sous Vide chef it might be out of their budget. If you are new to Sous Vide and not sure how much you will be using it, maybe opt for a mid range Sous Vide such as the Joule.

With that said, if you have the money or know you are going to be using this machine seriously, I would highly recommend purchasing the HydroPro. As they say – “Buy once cry once”. There will be no need to upgrade to another machine from this one for many years.

The PolyScience Hydropro Series sets the standard by which all other immersion circulators should be compared. It is amazing, and I can’t say enough how much I love it. I would highly recommend this to any serious chef out there. I would even recommend it to any beginner chef as well because it is so easy to use. Anyone can learn to be a sous vide chef. Getting the PolyScience HydroPro is a great first step.

The only other thing you’ll need is a sous vide vacuum sealer, but you might even already have one. The PolyScience HydroPro is perfect for cooking everything from simple meals to extravagant feasts. It outperforms any other circulator you’ll find. It’s accuracy, durability, and effectiveness makes this one of the best sous vide machines.

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