8 Best Sous Vide Accessories (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you love cooking sous vide, having a sous vide machine isn’t enough. You also need the best sous vide accessories.

Sous vide accessories provide you with more cooking utility, such as searing without a pan, or guaranteeing no air pockets when cooking.

These 8 sous vide accessories will greatly enhance your sous vide cooking experience.

Best Sous Vide Accessories

Let’s get started.

1. FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver v4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System Product Image

If you’ve only been doing sous vide with Ziploc bags, it’s time to upgrade to the best vacuum sealer for sous vide. The FoodSaver V4840 is the Cadillac of sous vide vacuum sealers. There’s no job too big or small for it to handle.

Your food will be tightly sealed and cook perfectly all-around. If you thought you were eating great sous vide food before, just wait until you use the FoodSaver V4840. It’s the best sous vide accessory you can buy.

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If you want a cheaper option, go with the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer.


2. Commercial Bargains Sous Vide Bags

Commercial Bargains 2 Jumbo 11" x 50' Commercial Vacuum Sealer Saver Bags Sous Vide Food Storage


The next sous vide accessory you’ll want is sous vide bags. These work perfectly with the majority of vacuum sealers, including the aforementioned FoodSaver v4840. The Commercial Bargains Sous Vide bags are the perfect sous vide accessory because they’ll allow you to safely cook both small and large meals. The bags are BPA-free and food grade. Amazing for sous vide cooking.

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3. Lipavi Sous Vide Container

Lipavi Sous Vide Container Model C20

A sous vide container is the next sous vide accessory on our list. While some people prefer cooking sous vide in a pot on the stove, it’s not necessary. A sous vide container lets you use your immersion circulator anywhere that you have counterspace. This is extremely helpful if you’re preparing multiple things at once and need your stove. It also allows for your sous vide setup to be more portable.

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Pairs great with the Anova Sous Vide and Breville Joule Sous Vide.


4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Lid

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Small Lid

If you’re cooking sous vide in a container, the next sous vide accessory you’ll need is a container lid. This one by Rubbermaid is great because it comes in several popular size options. It’s durable, but customizable. You’ll need to cut a small hole in it for your immersion circulator to fit. It’s also really cheap at under $5.

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5. Blulu Sous Vide Cooking Clips

Blulu Sous Vide Cooking Clips

Sous vide clips are a must have sous vide accessory if you find your bags moving too much in your cooking container. Regardless of whether you’re cooking in a pot or container, sometimes your food won’t stop moving and will touch either the side of the container, or another bag. This can mess up the sous vide cooking process, since it relies on water circulating around the food. Sous vide clips will keep your food in place, ensuring your food cooks evenly, and perfectly.

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6. Bernzomatic TS8000 Sous Vide Torch

Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch for Sous Vide Product Image

Our next best sous vide accessory is probably the funnest to use – the Bernzomatic TS8000 sous vide torch. While you can sear your food on the stove, it’s much more fun to blast it with a cooking torch. You’ll get the perfect sear to compliment your perfectly cooked food. This is our best rated sous vide torch.

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7. Uarter Sous Vide Rack

Uarter Sous Vide Rack


If you’re tired of your sous vide food moving around, our next sous vide accessory is for you. The Uarter sous vide rack will keep your food perfectly aligned and still in your cooking container. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s durable and won’t rust. It’s entirely safe to cook in. A sous vide rack is a great sous vide accessory.

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8. SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights

So Vida Sous Vide Weights Product Image

The next sous vide accessory isn’t all that common, yet, but it certainly will be. The SO-VIDA Sous Vide Weights do a fantastic job of keeping your food fully submerged. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer and have trouble getting the air pockets out of your bags, sous vide weights are a great sous vide accessory for you.

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Those are the 8 best sous vide accessories that you’ll need to cook amazing sous vide food. In case you haven’t already checked them out, please see our below buying guides:

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