Six Best Sous Vide Machines

After doing hundreds of hours of testing (which resulted in a lot of delicious food), I fully believe that the Anova Culinary WiFi/Bluetooth Precision Cooker is the best sous vide machine! The competition was very close, but ultimately I could not deny that the Anova Precision Cooker had the perfect combination of quality, ease of use, temperature range, and price that I look for.

I included several other sous vide machines in this buying guide in case you need one for a specific purpose.

You can use the reviews here to ensure that you make the right choice and discover the machine that is perfect for your needs.

Best Sous Vide Machine Reviews – 2017

When you have taken everything into account and decided what you want from a new sous vide cooker, we can now reveal our top six sous vide machines for 2017.

Overall Rating
Our Review
#1 - Anova Culinary WiFi/Bluetooth Precision Cooker
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#2 - Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven
Very High
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#3 - ChefSteps CS10001 Joule
Very High
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#4 - Tribest Sousvant SV-101
Very High
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#5 - Sansaire SA15 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
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#6 - Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS
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You will find an overview of each product here, and when you have found the product that you want just click on the “Check Latest Price” button or the “Read Our Full Review” button for a more in depth review.

#1 – Anova Culinary WiFi/Bluetooth Precision Cooker – Best Immersion Circulator Review

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker Review

The circulators used in the Anova are highly calibrated which results in superb temperature stability of around ±0.01°C.

The Anova Precision Cooker is by far the BEST sous vide machine! If you prefer the versatility of using your stock pots for cooking sous vide, then the Anova immersion circulator with WiFi/Bluetooth capability is a very good choice. This unit is designed to clamp to almost any pot up to a 5-gallon capacity.

All over the world, professional chefs use the sous vide cooking method. This immersion cooker makes it easy to get the same results as those restaurants because it is so easy to use.

You can use almost any pot that you have in your kitchen, and you simply have to seal your ingredients in a bag and start the cooking process. The result will be food cooked at the same temperature all the way through each and every time.

The circulators used in the Anova are highly calibrated which results in superb temperature stability of around ±0.01°C. This means that you can be assured of excellent sous vide cooking results with this immersion cooker.

Cooking temperature can be adjusted up to 99°C, and you can even change the direction of the water flow to prevent the cracking of eggs and problems with food pouches.

The Anova Precision Cooker is by far the BEST sous vide machine!

What’s terrific about this S-V cooker is that you can use the Anova app to control your cooker. You don’t have to – it does have digital settings on the unit – but the advantage of using the app is that you can see the cook times for thousands of foods, and save your settings for a particular food when you find the perfect cook cycle.

At such an inexpensive price, the Anova represents excellent value and will give you amazing suvee cooking results.

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#2 – Sous Vide Supreme Demi – Best Sous Vide Machine Review

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi offers excellent temperature stability to within ±1°F, which means that you can rely on it to produce excellent results each time.

With this machine, anybody can become a gourmet chef and cook amazing food. It is a fully self-contained unit with a lid that helps to prevent water evaporation. What this means that you can set it up to cook your food and then leave it alone to do a perfect job for you every single time, with the amazing taste of souvee food.

The Sous Vide Supreme Demi offers excellent temperature stability to within ±1°F, which means that you can rely on it to produce excellent results each time. The controls are simple to use, and the timer will let you know when your food is ready.

This incredible machine can cook with 8.7 liters of water and includes a specially designed rack that can hold 12 food pouches. The design of the Demi is compact, and it will not require much space in your kitchen.

With the Sous Vide Supreme Demi, anybody can become a gourmet chef and cook amazing food.

Plus, this sous vide cooker has several advantages over the other souvee machines on the market. First, it is completely silent, and it will hold the water temperature as long as you need it to – days or weeks even.

Also, the box design is perfect for all of the foods you will be cooking without having to squeeze in anything. The push button controls on the front are color-coded and easy to read, and you do not have to lean in close to read the display. The Demi truly is one of the best sous vide cookers out there, and you should get yours right now before they are gone.

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#3 – The Joule (ChefSteps CS10001) – Best WiFi Immersion Circulator Review

Best Wifi Immersion Circulator ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide Review

Powering up to 1,100 watts, the Joule can hang with nearly any standalone sous vide machine available

The Joule CS10001, by ChefSteps, has taken the sous vide world by storm; this is the first sous vide immersion circulator that can integrate with the most modern of technologies, such as Amazon Echo! Ready right out of the box, the Joule will cook the perfect meal for you each and every time!

Don’t let the beautiful design on the Joule fool you; this immersion circulator packs a powerful punch! Powering up to 1,100 watts, the Joule can hang with nearly any standalone sous vide machine available. Of course, since it is an immersion circulator, you can just use a pot you already have lying around at home.

There’s nothing that the Joule cannot tackle. I highly recommend it for every kitchen – both home and professional! What’s terrific about this machine is how it has brought souvee immersion cooking into the 21st century.

Not only does it totally look futuristic and high-tech, but it also interfaces with your smartphone, tablet or another mobile device, on both iOS and Android, or you can just control it via Alexa.

Ready right out of the box, the Joule will cook the perfect meal for you each and every time!

What this does is give you a very slick modern-age advantage over other souvee cookers, allowing you to check online to see what the proper cooking time and temperature is, customize the cooking time on the fly – from anywhere – and then save those settings so that you always know how to cook your favorite foods perfectly

This cooker is a major game-changer in the kitchen, and you should get yours right now because once you make your first sous vide meal with it, you will want to use it every single day.

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#4 – Tribest Sousvant SV-101 – Best Water Oven Review

Tribest Sousvant SV 101 Complete Circulator Review

The Tribest sous vide cooker is priced extremely competitively and offers tremendous value

This gorgeous all-in-one cooker from Tribest is our number four choice for sous vide cooking. This amazing complete sous vide machine has a huge capacity of 3 gallons, allowing you to fit anything and everything in! The temperature and circulation are extremely precise and lead to a perfect cook each and every time.

Using the Sousvant is simplicity itself. It has a very clear LCD and easy to use buttons for temperature and cooking duration settings. Plus, the design is elegant and looks great sitting on your kitchen counter.

The best part about this cooking wonder is that it is totally transparent. That means that you will be able to see your food cooking the entire time, which not only gives you more control, it also is cool to watch food cook to the same temperature all the way through.

The Tribest sous vide cooker is priced extremely competitively and offers tremendous value when compared with other self-contained units. It produces superb sous vide cooking results, and you will want to use it more and more!

This amazing complete sous vide machine has a huge capacity of 3 gallons, allowing you to fit anything and everything in!

So, click on the link below and see if you can get this very cool sous vide machine for your kitchen. The quality of food that comes from the Sousvant SV-101 is unmatched by anything else that you could make in your kitchen with ordinary cooking equipment.

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#5 – Sansaire SA15 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator – Best Home Immersion Circulator Review

Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

The Sansaire is a great suvee machine to get started with sous vide.

This immersion circulator from Sansaire will allow you to use your stock pots or water containers to cook with up to 6 gallons of water meaning that you will be able to cook a large amount of food at one time.

The number on the tag is also probably the best price that you have ever seen on an immersion cooker, and the design of the unit is so elegant and intelligent that no matter which of your pots you cook with, it will feel as if it was made for that specific pot.

The Sansaire will produce excellent sous vide cooking experiences and is very competitively priced. It looks the part with its sleek lines and black finish. It has a wide water level range, which means that longer cooking times are achievable compared to other immersion cookers.

Using the Sansaire could not be easier. It is a minimalist machine that lets you turn it on and off and set the cooking temperature. The real value is in the quality of cooking results that it produces which are excellent. The Sansaire is a great suvee machine to get started with sous vide.

The Sansaire will produce excellent sous vide cooking experiences and is very competitively priced.

This product is actually in use in some of the top restaurants around the world who know the value of sous vide cooking methods. Now, you can have the very same food that they charge hundreds of dollars for in your kitchen. There is every reason to get this immersion cooker today and make your next meal amazing.

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#6 – Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS – Best Suvee Machine Review

Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS - Buy Sous Vide Machine

The Sous Vide Supreme has a level of cooking precision that you find on very few complete sous vide cooking units.

The Supreme is another high quality, self-contained water oven from sous vide. This unit is very well made and offers more capacity than the Demi. With a water container that can hold 11.2 liters, you will be able to cook up to 20 pouches of food at a time.

Also, the capacity combines with the terrific design of this unit. The box design is perfect for big families because it can prepare a lot of food at one time. In fact, this machine is often used in commercial operations simply because it has such a high capacity and can cook food so accurately.

The Sous Vide Water Oven is silent in operation because like the Demi, it does not have a pump to circulate the water. It uses convection and some very sophisticated electronics to control water flow and temperature. The temperature stability is the same as the Demi at just ±1°F. That is a level of cooking precision that you find on very few complete sous vide cooking units.

It is a truly “set and forget” sous vide cooker. Once you have used the simple controls to set up the cooking temperature and cooking duration time, you can walk away safe in the knowledge that you will get great cooking results from this unit; it is an excellent self-contained suvee cooker.

With a water container that can hold 11.2 liters, you will be able to cook up to 20 pouches of food at a time

The price on this unit is amazing considering just how much you get with it and how accurate it is. For those who want the absolute best sous vide cooking tool on the market, this is the one to choose, and you can get it right now for your kitchen and start preparing some of the most mouth-watering, amazing food that you have ever tasted.

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Sous Vide Machine Buying Guide

What is a Sous Cooker?

We said it before and we’ll say it again: a sous vide machine is a better way to cook. When you use a sous vide at home, you’ll be cooking with water. It’s not at all what you’re thinking. Your steak and chicken – any food really – will be placed in BPA-free, sturdy plastic bags and cooked.

Pro Tip: Make sure your bags are BPA free!

Your food will never touch the water oven.

See, water allows for the gradual cooking of food, and is a form of slow cooking. It’s ingenious when you really think about it, and the difference in the taste of the food is apparent right from the start.

Hot flames burn away a lot of the juices and flavor when cooking; water allows these juices and flavors to remain.

Who Invented Sous Vide Circulators?

Who created sous vide equipment? if you’re thinking it must have been Tesla or Einstein (or any of the great inventors of the world), you would be wrong. The sous vide machine gets its name from the French language.

The history of the sous vide water pump is somewhat murky.

While it derived in France, it used air for heat transfer, and it was created by Sir Benjamin Thompson. The design fell out of the public eye until the 1960s when the design was used for food preservation. Water bath cooking would take some time before it took its true form.

The immersion circulator would be used by the Restaurant Troisgros in France in 1974 under George Parlus.

From here, there would be many advancements in terms of temperature and cooking recommendations. Over time, the immersion cooker would be slowly advanced to be the water cooker that we know and love today.

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What Types of Foods Can Be Cooked in a Sous Vide Immersion Circulator?

Sous vide circulators are so popular because they can cook a lot of different kinds of food. This isn’t a one-trick pony that can only cook chicken. The best immersion circulator will allow you to cook:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Stock
  • Oatmeal
  • Cheesecake
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables

And this is just scratching the surface of what you’ll be able to cook with the right machine. What’s really neat is that people are still experimenting and trying out new recipes to see what they can and can’t make with their sous vide.

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What’s the Difference Between a Slow Cooker and a Slow Cooker Sous Vide?

A lot of sous vide machine reviews will mention “this works much better than my slow cooker,” but why? Both of these units will cook food slowly – sous vide cooking isn’t about cooking quickly.

A slow cooker sous vide is rather similar to a slow cooker in truth, but better.

When you use a slow cooker to cook your food, the way it heats up is a lot different. Using a crockpot, your home will fill with an amazing aroma, and when you go to eat, you’ll often find that the flavor is lacking.

If you use a sous vide, this wouldn’t happen.

Pro Tip: Use 1/4 more marinade than you think you’ll need. That way you have extra sauce to drizzle on your meal!

Food is vacuum-sealed and cooked, keeping all of the flavors inside of it while it goes through a water bath. You don’t risk overcooking.

A sous vide immersion circulator cooks food around 135F (you can vary the temperature for your needs), while a crockpot cooks food around 200F. So, what’s a meager 65 degrees? This is the difference between your food being overcooked and tender.

People that first cook with this method all say the same thing: a crockpot is a poor man’s sous vide.

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Uses of a Water Cooker

The best sous vide machine is one that’s used often. This isn’t going to be like your barbeque that you can only fire up a few times a year. You’ll find that you’ll be using your sous vide a lot. A few of the uses I’ve personally found for my machine are:

  • Cooking oatmeal overnight
  • Cooking eggs overnight

And breakfast is ready and waiting when I wake up.

Pro Tip: This really helps you keep to your diet!

You’ll also use this machine for:

  • Soups
  • Syrups
  • Vegetables
  • Sauces

You won’t realize how handy this machine is until you begin using it for yourself. It’s not like throwing your food in the microwave where all of the nutrients are destroyed and the flavor is subpar. This is a slow cooking method. So, while you’re breaking for lunch, you may prepare your dinner and start cooking it.

Before you rush out the door to go to that dreaded dental appointment, you may put chicken stock in your home immersion circulator with a slew of spices so, so that you can have something ready and waiting for you when you get home.

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Different Types of Suvee Cooking Machines

While the best sous vide will use the same basic function (cooking water with vacuum sealed bags), there is a differences between models. Let’s take a look.

Home Sous Vide Machine and Water Oven Models

Water oven models look a lot like a crockpot, and they’re a complete oven that will heat the water and provide you with a tank that holds all of the water. You just add water, set the temperature, and add your food into the mix.

Immersion Circulator Machines

A home immersion circulator is a little different. A sous vide circulator allows you to use your own pot or water container for the cooking process. So, instead of there being a big water tank, the unit will tell you how much water it can handle.

Place the machine in the water, change some settings and it takes care of the rest.

Pro Tip: This is what our top ranked Anova Precision Cooker is!

Sous Vide Commercial Equipment

Cooking at home and cooking for patron after patron at an upscale restaurant is much different. The process is similar, but commercial requirements demand larger capacities. This is the main difference between commercial equipment, water ovens and circulators.

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Importance of Immersion Cooking

Whether you use suvee cooking, immersion or an oven, the tool you use is going to change the way you cook. Think of the first time you cooked the entire family breakfast on a griddle – it was amazing. The same euphoria will be experienced if you cook your food with a suvee cooker.

The main reasons why it’s important are:

  • Taste: Burned food doesn’t taste good. Even when you overcook your food or burn it slightly, you’re degrading the flavor and may cook off some of the nutrients in the process. Chefs know how to cook food to precision, which is why people flock to restaurants instead of cooking for themselves. All of the flavor is sealed in, and when water is used to control the temperature, you can’t burn the food.
  • HandsFree: You don’t have to sit over a hot pot and stir, add spices and babysit it until it’s done. This is a hands-free process once you set the temperature. Most meals can be prepared in as little as five minutes, and the machine takes care of all the rest for you.
  • You Become a Chef: When you start up your suvee cooking machine, you can sleep well at night knowing that you cook just as good as a chef. This is especially true when cooking meat. It’s so easy that you’ll cook just as good as most chefs and you can keep this little secret to yourself – no one needs to know.

The importance of this robust way of cooking changes depending on your own situation.

Pro Tip: You cannot mess up when cooking sous vide!

Who Needs to Buy Sous Vide Machine Cookers?

Anyone can honestly use a sous vide, but you may be on the fence as to whether you really need one. Do I need buy immersion circulator machines, or can I live without one? And you can live without one, sure. But this doesn’t mean your life (and the food you enjoy) won’t be enhanced with sous vide machines.

The people who often get the most out of a home sous vide machines are:

  1. Students: You pay a lot for a dorm room, but when it comes to an oven, they leave you stranded and make you go to the cafeteria. The food is often horrible, and when you want something different, the most you’re left with is a microwave. Students stuck in this situation will find that there are no rules against cooking your food with water.
  2. Bachelors: Pizza and hot pockets beware; bachelors have a new way to cook. If you find yourself going out to eat often and there isn’t someone helping cook, a key to breaking the cycle is making cooking a breeze. This is what you can achieve with water cooking.
  3. Busy Moms: You have your hands full. Billy has soccer practice, Jenny has cheerleading and you have to find some way to cook and stay on budget. I get it: parenting is hard and demanding. But with a little foresight, you can have dinner cooking when you’re running errands and ready to rip your hair out.

All sous vide reviews say the same thing: it’s so easy to cook with a machine sous vide.

Pro Tip: Moms: Your kids will LOVE the meals you make sous vide!

If your time is limited or you simply can’t get yourself to stand over a stove for hours watching your food cook, this may be the right choice for you.

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Sous Vide Machines Buying Guide

When you buy sous vide machine cookers, you’ll find that there is a lot to consider. Every model has its own benefits and drawbacks, and when you choose an oven or circulator, they’ll have a few specs and features that need further consideration.

Important Specs and Features

The specs and features you’ll need to take into consideration before deciding on the Sansaire sous vide or PID controller sous vide (a neat device that transforms many appliances into a sous vide), you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Water Capacity: How much water does the unit need (circulator) or how much can it hold (oven)?
  • Capacity: How much food can the machine hold?
  • Water Depth: Certain foods need a specific water depth. Lamb, for example, cooks best when immersed in 6” + of water.
  • Temperature Display: Can you see the current temperature?
  • Temperature Range: Certain foods need higher temperatures or lower temperatures. Learn what the temperature range is before choosing a model.
  • Timer: A great safety feature and provides even more confidence when cooking.

Pro Tip: Go with the Tribest Sousvant if you want a standalone unit!

These are really the most important features of a water cooker. If you purchase a circulator, you’ll want to think about:

  • Precise temperature
  • Noise production
  • Water capacity of current water containers
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What to Look for in a Sous Vide Review

Every sous vide review will tell you the basics, but you need to also know what to look for, and this is why you’re reading our buying guide. We discussed a few of the most important features above, but you also want to scour all of those immersion circulator reviews (or regular sous vide) for comments on:

  • Hard Scale Buildup: Scale buildup needs to be removed, and some models are very hard to clean. Look for methods of cleaning this buildup or common complaints of buildup.
  • Leaks: The tanks can leak, and this would render the sous vide useless if the leak is serious. Check to see if the model has a common problem with leaking.
  • Button Problems: Circulators often have button problems, and this needs to be looked at, too.
  • Pot Options: Circulators that go into your own pots or containers need to be reviewed in terms of what issues people had with their pots. If the unit says it works for an 8-quart pot and every user is stating it won’t work for their 8-quart pot, this is a concern.

Pro Tip: We have you covered on all of the above!

Just remember every model will have their own complaints – they all do. The only issue we find with reviews is when trying to find sous vide commercial equipment. In this case, reviews seem to often be lacking for these models.

Setting a Budget

What’s your budget looking like? If you can only budget $20, you’re never going to find a sous vide for this cheap.

You’ll need to spend the following for a decent machine:

  • $175 on the low-end
  • $500+ on the high-end

And when the reviews were written above, we definitely took price into consideration to find the highest quality, affordable model that will cook you delicious food and not break the bank in the process.

Where to Buy Immersion Circulator Machines

If you’re looking to buy the Polyscience Sous Vide Creative or you just finished the Tribest review and realized how awesome these two machines are, the only thing left to figure out is where to buy them.


Why?  You can read reviews, view the company your supporting with your purchase, and everything can be shipped right to your doorstep.

And the prices online always seem to be much lower than buying at a regular store. I’ve had a hard time finding many models in stores, so this is something to consider, too.

Pro Tip: Click the below link to go back to our recommendations!

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Why We Chose the Anova Sous Vide Circulator

I wanted to give you a little insight into why we choose the Anova Sous Vide Circulator (as an example) so that you can use our viewpoint when trying to make your own decision. We looked at a few key features when making our choice:

  • Price: Not a feature, but something we have to consider. The price was on the low end, so this allows it to be an affordable option, which is never a bad thing.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Controlled via Wi-Fi, this unit uses an app that customizes your cooking to perfection.
  • Alerts: Who doesn’t like to know how their food is doing? Be updated on the status of your meal.
  • Dishwasher Cleaning: The skirt is dishwasher safe, cutting back on time spent cleaning.

These are just the “wow” features, and there were obviously more we liked (temperature display and setting, auto-cook, shutoff and so on).

If you take the same approach as we have above, you’ll be able to confidently compare all of the models we’ve listed to find the perfect model for you.

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What You Need To Consider Before Buying

With suvee cooking the need for temperature control is critical. The water bath used must have a temperature control, and the foods that you are cooking must be vacuum sealed. Food is cooked uniformly at the correct temperature.

There are some very good value suvee machines available now, and they will provide everything that the home cook or small restaurant owner requires. For home use it is recommended that you go for a self contained sous vide machine, while for restaurants a sous vide immersion circulator will guarantee you great results.

Capacity Of The Water Bath

You need to decide which capacity of water bath is right for your souvide cooking. These vary between 5 liters and 120 liters, and the important thing to consider here is that there needs to be free space between the pouches of food that you are cooking for the correct circulation of the water.

In practice this means that no more than 50% of the water bath should contain the pouches of food that you want to cook. If you are planning to cook a lot of suvee food then it is better to go for a larger water cooker or an immersion circulator which can be used with containers of various capacities.

Please bear in mind that the larger the water bath, the larger your self contained water oven will be and the more power it will consume. The power is used for the heating of the water and for the water pump which circulates the water in the correct way.

Does The Sous Vide Equipment Come With A Water Bath Container?

You will find that some suvee cookers are supplied with a self contained water bath and some of them do not. There are advantages to using a sous vide cooker with a self contained water container.

The main advantage of a suvee machine that has its own container is the high quality insulation properties that the container will have. There should also be a lid which will minimize the evaporation of water. All of this will save power too.

If you are looking at an immersion circulator then you will find that a container is not supplied. They can be used with almost any conventional cooking pot but there will be no insulation and you won’t find a lid that will be suitable to accommodate the equipment.

Will The Equipment Heat The Water Quickly?

You need to know the heating power of the suvee machine. If you are cooking sous vide at home then you do not want to be waiting ages for the water to reach the desired temperature. Check out any published times to reach certain water temperatures.

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How Stable Will The Temperature Be?

You already know that temperature control is everything with sous vide cooking, so you need to be aware that a single degree change (1°C) in the water temperature can make a big difference to your cooking results.

The best sous vide machines can maintain temperature stability to ±0.05°C. If you are going for an immersion cooker then this is less of a concern as they normally have excellent temperature stability due their superior quality water pumps and electronics.

What Space Do You Have In Your Kitchen?

The size of your sous vide machine needs to be considered as they can be bulky when just being stored, and will require more space when they are being used. Most people value the space that they have available in their kitchen so do not overlook this.

If you choose a machine that has a self contained water bath then expect this to be a fair size and take up room. A sous vide immersion circulator will be smaller as it is designed to be used with a range of cooking pots.

Cleaning And Maintenance

You should find that your sous vide water oven is easy to clean and some of the water containers have a non stick coating which really helps. There are no exposed parts with these machines so you should not be planning to spend a long time cleaning it.

Safety Considerations

Although most commercial sous vide machines would be considered safe, it is worth looking for additional safety features. The main danger comes from the evaporation of water while cooking. You want your pouches of food to be continuously immersed in the water.

If your sous vide cooker has a lid then this will help. Other machines will actually measure the level of the water and will either shut down automatically or sound an alarm if the level of the water becomes too low.

A lot of immersion circulators will have protective shields which are designed to prevent the pouches of food touching the pump and heating coil during the cooking process.

The Price Of Your Suvee Machine

If you choose the right suvee cooker then you will be able to cook for many hours trouble free and achieve excellent cooking results. Prices start in the region of under $200 and can go up to $1000 for the best sous vide machines.

It is more important that your sous vide machine has excellent temperature stability and good safety features than saving a few dollars in our opinion.


With sous vide cooking becoming more and more popular there are a lot of suvee machines available and choosing the right one for you can be difficult. That’s why we offer our honest sous vide machine reviews. Each of the six machines in our top six have their own special features and qualities, so first consider what you want from a sous vide machine and then click to buy the one that meets your requirements.

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