3 Healthy (And Sweet!) Sous Vide Desserts You Must Make Now!

Here Are Three Healthy (And Sweet!) Sous Vide Desserts You Must Make NowSous vide cooking can be a great solution when you are making some desserts, especially if you want to prepare something healthy but still sweet. Here are three recipes you must make now!

Sous Vide Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

You have to try this sous vide gluten free chocolate cake without flour. It has a rich flavor, and it tastes like heaven. What you will need to make this delicious chocolate cake:



  • 4 eggs
  • 250g semisweet chocolate
  • 100g of butter
  • 1/8 cup of coffee liqueur
  • Unsweetened cocoa for dusting


  1. Put the chocolate, butter and coffee liqueur in a sous vide bag and then place the bag into a water bath at 122ºF for 15 minutes to melt the chocolate and butter. You should massage the bag every 5 minutes just to be sure they are well blended.
  2. Beat the eggs with a mixer at high speed, and then pour the mixture from the bag into it. Mix it all again at low speed until it becomes a batter, which you will put in a prepared jars (sprayed with a non-stick spray).
  3. Place jars in a water bath for about an hour at 167ºF. After removing the jars from the bath, place them on a wire rack, and refrigerate at least 6-7 hours.
  4. Before you want to serve the dessert, pull out the cakes from jars with a thin knife and dust with an unsweetened cocoa.

White Wine Maple Poached Pears

This tasty dessert is easy to make and you will make it pretty quick. It is healthy and you will be surprised with the unusual taste. What you will need to cook it:

  • 500 ml of white wine
  • 500 ml of water
  • 250 ml of maple syrup
  • 250 g of sugar
  • Four pears

Preheat the water oven at 80˚C and then put all ingredients in a saucepan, except the pears. Simmer until the alcohol is cooked away. Peel and core the pears and then place them in the sous vide bag and put the syrup over. Remove air using the displacement method and cook for about an hour on 80˚C. Serve it warm with a sauce on top.

Sous Vide Lavender Honey Peaches

If you like pears, then you should definitely try this wonderful, healthy recipe. It is quick and easy to make, with only four ingredients included. So, what will you need to make this delicious sous vide dessert:

  • Two halved and pitted peaches
  • One tablespoon of dried lavender buds
  • 60 ml of water
  • 60 ml of honey

First, preheat the water oven at 85˚C. Second, place all ingredients in the sous vide bag and remove the air using the displacement method. Submerge the bag and then cook for about twenty minutes. After cooking, place the bag in a cold water bath for at least 15 minutes.

Now you can spoon the peaches into a serving bowl and overflow it with a strained syrup from the bag. Serve the dessert chilled and with some cream.

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