Delicious Sous Vide Hamburger Recipe

Sous Vide BurgerIf the idea of burgers cooked sous vide is strange to you, then wait until you taste them and you will soon be converted! The best results are achieved from suvee cooking larger burgers of around six to eight ounces. There is no real benefit from cooking the smaller burgers sous vide.

With the precision cooking that suvee cooking provides, you will be able to cook burgers that are incredibly juicy, and not dried out as conventional high heat cooking can often do. Once your burger has been cooked sous vide, you can then sear it with a torch on the stove or grill it.


Sous Vide Hamburger Cooking Times and Temperatures

It is really best to make your own beef burger patties rather than buy ready-made burgers. You will also need to decide how well you want your burgers to be cooked. The “doneness” of your burgers is controlled by the cooking temperature and the cooking times.

Very Rare To Medium Rare

If you want a rare or even very rare burger then cook at 115°F (46°C) up to 123°F (51°C) for between 45 minutes and two and a half hours. A medium rare burger needs cooking at 124°F (52°C) to 129°F (54°C) between 45 minutes and two and a half hours.

Medium To Well Done

Medium cooked burgers require a cooking temperature of between 130°F (54°C) and 137°F (58°C) to be cooked for at least 45 minutes and up to four hours. To go to medium to well done, increase the temperature of cooking to 138°F (59°C) up to 144°F (62°C) for at least 45 minutes and up to four hours. Finally a well done burger is best achieved by cooking at 155°F (68°C) for at least 45 minutes to three and a half hours.

Best Sous Vide Hamburger Recipe

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The best sous vide hamburger recipe!


These are the ingredients that you require for 4 burgers:

  • It is recommended that you use 30 ounces (or about one kilogram) of ground beef to make your patties.
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning.
  • It is highly recommended that you sear your burgers after suvee cooking so use a tablespoon of vegetable oil for this.
  • You will need 4 burger buns that you can lightly toast and 4 slices of cheese. Other burger toppings can also be used.


This is a two step process which is first cooking sous vide and then searing on a stove.

  1. Set up your sous vide cooker to heat the water bath to your desired temperature for burger “doneness”. While you are waiting for your water to heat up, you can make the burger patties.
  2. Take the burger beef and divide it into 4 portions. Next you will shape the portions into burgers that are slightly wider than the burger buns you will serve them in. Use kosher salt and freshly ground pepper for seasoning.
  3. Put each burger patty into an individual food grade bag. See our guide on sous vide bags for advice on which bags to use. Seal the bags by using a best sous vide vacuum sealer, or ensure that all of the air is expelled before sealing. When the water is at the correct temperature, place the bags into the bath and cook for your desired time.
  4. After sous vide cooking, take out the burgers and dry them with paper towels. Let them sit for 10 minutes at room temperature. Use a skillet on high heat and add the vegetable oil. Add the burgers and cook until they are brown on both sides. Adding the cheese slices in the pan is a good touch. Add to the burger buns and serve.



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