Useful Tips on How to Cook Sous Vide for Vegetarians

Useful Tips on How to Cook Sous Vide for Vegetarians

Cooking vegetables isn’t as complex and challenging compared to cooking meat. But you can still encounter some problems like the browning of the vegetables and the leaching of its flavor into the water.

When vegetable loses its vibrant color, it does not only affect the presentation of the dish but also its palatability. The change in the color of the vegetable can be attributed to the prolonged heating time. That’s why most people use the blanching method.

Blanching is when a vegetable or fruit is quickly submerged in boiling water. It will be removed after a short period of time then immersed into ice water or cold running water. This process allows the abrupt halting of the vegetable’s cooking process thus it still retains its color.

The disadvantage with blanching is that the nutrients like vitamin C and water-soluble vitamins are removed during the process. In addition, the flavor of your produce becomes bland since some of it leaks to the water.

If you want to get the best flavor and texture from your vegetables and fruits, then it’s time for you to consider the Sous Vide technique.

Why Is Sous Vide the Best in Cooking Vegetables?

Sous Vide is the only cooking method that preserves all the flavors and nutrients in any kind of meal. In traditional cooking like dry method and moist method, nutrients are wasted especially when the vegetables and other ingredients are overcooked.

This modern cooking technique is not only applicable to vegetables and fruits but also to meats. The secret to this process is its ability to maintain precise temperatures since it can be controlled in the device.

Meat and vegetables have different cooking points. To get the perfect consistency and texture of a dish, you have to know the cooking temperature of your ingredients.

As long as you follow the temperature guide and you have your sousvide equipment, you can have a fool proof meal in no time.

Proper Ways to Prepare Vegetable for Sous Vide

1.      Preheat the Sous Vide machine according to the desired temperature. Typically, 183°F works for most fruits and vegetables.

2.      Wash the vegetables and peel it if you want and put it inside a heavy-duty sealable plastic container. You can add herbs and spices inside the pouch if desired. Vacuum seal the pouch.

3.      Be careful when adding liquid to the bag because the vacuum can suck it out. Pay close attention while vacuuming and stop immediately when liquids are about to be drawn out of the container.

4.      If you plan on cooking your vegetable for a while, do not add garlic or ginger because they produce unpleasant flavor when cooked for a long time.

5.      Place the pouch inside the equipment. You may need to add a plate or anything heavy on top to keep the pouch in place. Leave for the prescribed amount of time. 

6.      After cooking, remove vegetables and pat dry. You can now eat this as it is or add another seasoning as needed.

Various Advantages of Sous Vide Cooking Method

·       Impeccable Flavor

In the process of Sous Vide the temperature, it maintained at low levels so the food is cooked for an extended period of time. Since no drippings are wasted and no other element comes in contact with the food, it retains its natural flavor.

If you want to get the best flavor on your food, make sure to use specialized Sous Vide plastic which is made from a high-grade material. These distinctive pouches help bring out the best flavor profile while preventing the release of flavor ketones.

Ketones, also known as methyl ketones, belong to the carbonyl group. These molecules are responsible for several natural odors and flavors.

Among all the other ingredients cooked with Sous Vide method, vegetables are the ones that benefit the most. The low cooking temperature results in sweeter diluted taste in your vegetable dishes. 

·       Right Texture

The hardest meal to prepare in terms of achieving consistency is steak. Cooking it is like a guessing game and you won’t really know if it’s a success or a failure unless you taste it.

There are times when vegetables go mushy and chicken go dry. This is all because of inconsistency with the cooking environment.

The guessing game is totally eliminated with Sous Vide because you are cooking using low temperatures. This kind of approach keeps the protein structures undamaged so you get the best texture whether it’s fish, vegetable, pork or beef.

·       Reliability

A great feature of Sous Vide is that it reduces cooking variables. This means that you get to cook without having to consider too many things.

The water temperature is precisely maintained according to the desired level. With this characteristic coupled with high-quality ingredients, you will definitely get praiseworthy meals.

All you have to do is prepare, immerse and serve. It’s as simple as that.

·       Convenience

Have you ever tried multitasking as you cook? Well, all of us have been in this situation and it’s overwhelming.  With Sous Vide, you can cook and do other things without too much stress.

Sous Vide lets you cook your food ahead of time without worrying about spoilage. Oxygen is a requirement for food spoilage and in the process of vacuuming, it is expelled from the bag hence there is prolonged shelf life.

If you want to store your food, just let it cool before freezing. You can just easily thaw it and reheat when needed.

·       Enhanced Nutritional Value

Among all the other cooking method, Sous Vide is the healthiest.

You never have to use oil when cooking with this technique because it is not necessary. Of course, you can still add butter and other oil if you want to achieve a distinct taste.

As we have mentioned, the nutrients and other minerals in your food are preserved with Sous Vide. Hence, no vitamins get wasted.

There are limitless Sous Vide recipes that you can choose from and you never have to feel intimidated with the cooking processes required. There are fish, pork and beef recipes that you can easily find on the internet so make sure you get your own best suvi machine.

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