Tips on How to Master Sous Vide Packaging

Tips on How to Master Sous Vide Packaging

Basically, sous vide cooking means cooking your food in plastic bags. Many people seem to hesitate on that concept. They somehow think that using plastic bags when processing foods especially cooking is detrimental to the health.

As a matter of fact, it has been spreading in circulation about the toxicity that cooking with plastic brings. However, according to a research, the safest plastics are that of high and low-density polyethylene, and polypropylene.

Fortunately, it is witnessed and proven that all sous vide bags are made from these plastics. Normally, the interior of all sous vide bags is polyethylene. It is being given proof by all respectable plastic manufacturers worldwide.

Although, there were also some plastics bags that are made from polyvinyl chloride which is proven harmful. These are fervently dissuaded in sous vide cooking. Be a little wiser when buying your plastic bags in your supermarket.

It is better to spend a little extra on the trusted ones than to settle for less but entails peril. Choose the right packaging for your sous vide. You don’t want to cut corners. To discuss more about safety in cooking sous vide, check out this link

Types of Sous Vide Package

One of the best ways to master sous vide packaging is to be able to distinguish the different types of sous vide package and their usage. Before you consider buying, know first what are the types of sous vide packaging that is available at the supermarket.

Here are some guidelines to help you distinguish which sous packaging suits best for the food of your choice. But always remember to pick the high-quality plastic bags.

Ziplock-style bag – this type of plastic bag is less expensive. It is widely used by many consumers because aside from it is cheaper, it is easy to use. This type of bag works best for all kinds of food to be cooked sous vide like that of burgers and various kind of meat like chicken breast, pork chop, steak, and fish.

Ziplock-style bags also come in gallon-sized sacks that can cater a lot of food servings in the same container. But the seams of ziplock-style bags are weak. It cannot go beyond higher temperature. You might have to double the bag to secure the food.

Here comes the sous vide bag. This type of bag is designed for higher temperature. It has stronger seams to keep the food secured by preventing it from the exposure to the water in the bath during the process of sous vide cooking.

It is best used when you need to cook food that requires higher temperature like vegetables and other kinds of braised meats. Sous vide bags are vacuum sealable.

Plastic wraps – literally they are plastic wrappers. Plastic wraps are used to help shape and give stability to the foods to set during the cooking process. They are useful in a longer cooking period. They cover the sous vide firmly reducing the amount of evaporation.

However, plastic wraps are not recommended for cooking foods in water.

Lastly, the canning jars. If you choose to avoid plastics, then this type of container is ideal for your sous vide packaging. Check out the reviews at to help you decide what to buy for your sous vide experience.

What to Keep in Mind When Packaging Sous Vide

When packaging your sous vide, learn to know the simple packaging tips and tricks for you to have a perfectly made sous vide food right in bags. Here’s some guide for you. Keep in mind to always add an ample amount of oil to the bags before placing the food.

The oil prevents the food from being stuck in the seams and at the same time, help keeps the food stay in shape. Usually, olive oil is the best choice. But there are also certain foods that don’t match with olive oil, so butter oil is the alternative.

You should also make it a point not to overcrowd the foods you place inside the bags. You might reduce the cost as well the waste by cooking several portions of food in one plastic bag but see to it that there is still some space for the food to move around.

You can also consider shaking the food from time to time to prevent them from sticking together if, for instance, you got several pieces inside your plastic bag. Lastly, to ensure a perfectly beautiful experience with sous vide, be extra cautious in handling your food from bags to a plate. Be heedful. Be resourceful. And that’s it. Indulge.

The Advantage of Sous Vide Packaging

There are several aspects about sous vide packaging which offers great deals that you need to know and better comprehend to take your cooking venture to the next level.

With sous vide packaging, say no to dry and dull foods. Unlike that of grilling and pan frying, the foods with sous vide cooking maintains its moisture and aroma. You can enjoy your food more.

Foods cooked in sous vide has more absorbed flavor than that of made in conventional cooking. It is also considered healthier because it retains its natural vitamins and nutrients. It also avoids excessive salt and fats.

Foods that are stored inside the vacuum sealed bags last longer, especially when placed inside the fridge. It has zero exposure to any kind of contamination.

So there you have it. Sous vide packaging truly has got the best of both worlds at stake. To better understand this, check out the reviews at

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