Sous Vide By USA SCITECH Review

The Digital Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator By USA SCITECH Review

My first impressions weren’t anything really worth mentioning.

I felt as if the company in question just had to put a product out there, ignoring the fact that it needs to be different in some way or another to succeed.

I was dumbfounded by the fact that this machine was even considered as a purchase, as in my book, it didn’t really offer anything else other than what was already established in the market.

This review has been created with only one thought in mind: You should never judge a book by its cover.

I have learned that the hard way by bringing my own prejudice into the equation.

I hope that I can make things right again by showing you how innovative this piece of equipment actually is.

What I Liked About The USA Scitech Sous Vide


Review of the The Digital Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator By USA SCITECH

Judging by the design, as previously mentioned, I didn’t expect anything more than mediocrity when it came to quality.

So I put the machine to the test by buying some fresh ingredients and by taking advantage of my mama’s recipe, I was already planning to have a nice, homecooked meal.

When I saw how easy it was to simply to just drop my food into a bag sealed with a vacuum sealer, only having to press start, I had my first doubts about my impressions.

What came out was the most perfect and handsome meal I have ever had in my life.

I wish I was exaggerating but I was so amazed that I immediately had to call my mother and tell her about this.

I also invited her out to a nice lovely dinner in the humble abode that is my home.

She loved it!

Usually, when you cook a steak in the traditional way, it loses its volume as it is being exposed to heat and air which makes it constrict in size.

Because it takes all the liquidity out of the equation, many opt for sauces just to make it a bit tastier.

This is where all the unwanted calories start to pile up.

This model, in particular, amazed me with its inner workings as I saw no losses in volume once my meat was done preparing.

The best thing out of all was the fact that I could really feel the steak in my mouth, not needing to resort to expensive taste potentiators just to taste my food.

When I was searching for the specifications of this Sous Vide machine, I was hesitant to find out what kind of foods I was able to prepare.

You see, if you were to put meat and fruit in the same bowl, at the same temperature, I don’t really believe that you would like the outcome.

Enabling you to become an invoker when it comes to temperature, this machine designed for sous vide cooking lets you pick the amount of heat you want your food to be exposed to.

From a staggering 1 Celsius degrees to a whopping 99 Celsius degrees!

SCITECH USA Sous Vide ReviewWhat Could Be Improved Upon

1)    For The Love Of All That Is Holy, Please Give Me A Bigger Screen

Judging by its size, this is one of the smaller models that I have seen marketed around.

I’ve got nothing against those, but the least the company could do was provide me with a screen that clearly shows what is going on.

I hate having to put my glasses on just to read the numbers on that thing and even though the machine was really creating high-quality food, I felt as if I wasn’t fully in control of the entire process.

I was kind of looking forward to more functions and more tools to play with but I guess that setting the temperature and time will have to suffice for now.

2)    It’s Too Small For Big Guys

I love food and I love to eat a lot so if you are searching for a sous vide machine that will give you a feast, you should be looking elsewhere as this is not the one.

If you plan on feeding a lot of people with this machine, you better have a change of hearts as they will probably all leave the room out of boredom from all the waiting.


This is an all around great machine.

If you intend to use it mostly for your own needs, this product should definitely be on your wishlist!

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