Gourmia GSV130 Sous Vide Review

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Sous vide machines are the home chef’s special secret to perfect stews, juicy meats, and deliciously crisp veggies. If you’ve never heard of the sous vide method, don’t feel bad—you’re not alone. The sous vide method was actually first devised in the 1700’s, but it didn’t really take off until it was rediscovered in the 1960’s. Flash-forward to the 21st century and this method of vacuum sealed, boil-in-bag cooking is all the rage.

Main Features

The Gourmia GSV130 is a compact device that clips to practically any 3.5-gallon pot, making it very easy to use for beginners who are just delving into kitchen gadgets and don’t have every pot size sold on the market. Since sous vide machines work on a timer, with the Gourmia GSV130, you can let your food simmer for hours, letting it steep in juicy flavor, making it perfect for cooks on the go.

Gourmia GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Machine Pod Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker – Powerful 1200 Watts Motor - Digital Timer Display - Black - Includes Free Recipe Cookbook

The Gourmia GSV130 is an excellent, high powered sous vide immersion circulator that does an amazing job of cooking perfect food, every time!

Another feature I love is its very precise thermostat: it has the ability to accurately get temps within +/- 0.01 degrees of what you set it for. This high level of temperature accuracy is rarely seen in sous vide machines; one of the chief complaints about inferior products is their inability to accurately control temperatures. For its temp accuracy alone, many sous vide fans will take notice.

Frankly, I just like the design. As I mentioned before, it’s compact. It’s not as bulky as some other models might be. I know that in my kitchen, I don’t want my appliances to stick out for the wrong reasons. With the Gourmia GSV130’s attractive design, I know that if any of my guests notice it, it will be for the right reasons. As a practical bonus, its display is highly readable, so if that’s of concern, you can rest assured on that front.

Another really cool feature is the included cookbook written by Jason Logsdon, a bestselling author. This is so useful if you’re just starting out as a sous vide chef. In the book, he teaches you how to make simple things like steak to more advanced sous vide creations like seafood and eggs. Recipe book in hand, you’ll be making sous vide dishes like the pros in no time!


The accurate temperature regulation is key because complaints about some other models is that they can’t regulate temperature. The ability to regulate temperature accurately is probably the most important thing about the Gourmia GSV130, because it affects how tricky items like eggs (which can be temperamental in any case) turn out.

It’s sleek and modern in a timeless sort of way, meaning it will fit in with most kitchen styles. It’s compact compared to other models on the market, so you don’t have to worry about it bulking up your space—yet it’s able to clip on to a 3.5-gallon pot. Imagine that!

The attractive and readable digital display and dial are easy-to-use and convenient. Also, it helps with the programming, which doesn’t hurt.

You can leave your meat to simmer for hours, which makes it taste so much better. This is one of the biggest reasons why people opt for sous vide machines in the first place.

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? It’s nice that the recipe book actually comes with it, because, for one thing, you want to know how to use your sous vide to its full potential right away. And also, it cuts out the necessity of buying a separate book. It’s the best of both worlds.


There have been reports of an issue with the “end cap”, however, Gourmia has been known to replace the product for the few users affected by this issue.

Some people find the operation a little confusing at first, but this is easily solvable by going over the manual again or talking to a Gourmia rep.

The Verdict

All in all, the Gourmia GSV1300 is a great buy. It has very few issues and a lot to recommend it, such as its superb temperature controls. With its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and chef-inspired recipe book, both those new and familiar with sous vide are sure to enjoy this versatile product. It’s one of our favorite sous vide machines and we think you’ll love it!


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