Primo Eats Sous Vide Review

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I was so excited when I heard about this piece of suvee equipment that I basically just begged Amazon to take my money.

Let me go a bit deeper on why that is the case.

You see, most of the times, Sous Vide equipment doesn’t really feature any sort of futuristic technologies.

Mostly, its all clean cut and straightforward and that’s understandable.

That is the easy way, the one that will rake in points with the consumer without putting too much risk into it.

So what exactly did PrimoEats do that amazed me so much? Their boldness is made clearer in the following review!

What I Liked About The Primo Eats

Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Pod Review1) The Food Was Evenly Cooked

Now, one would think that this should be the norm but let’s be honest; When we take a look at how a cooker used for sous vide is supposed to work, we can see that one side is always getting the better of the deal.

That means that overcooking can become a problem, with one side of your meal being under-cooked as not enough heat is being given to it while another one could become charred.

This can be a huge and widely undocumented problem because this really isn’t something you can notice unless you own the model yourself and have used it multiple times.

Because the PrimoEats cooker has a powerful pump that keeps the temperature even at all times, this isn’t really a bother for anyone that decide to buy the machine!

2) We Are Stepping Into The Future With An LCD Screen!

I’m going to just be straight with you; I’m a tech freak.

If there is something that bothers me more than small letters on a screen that bare on being unreadable at all, it is using subpar screens.

I mean, we are in the 21st century folks, an LCD screen should be expected not something that one has to beg for!

I also liked the fact that one could see the temperature in different measurements.

I mean, its not the companies fault that some people still use one way of labeling things instead of the other.

3) I Can Tell My Kid To Clean It For Me

I hate cleaning up stuff after I’m done with using it.

You can call it a necessary evil but I call it a waste of time.

Be honest with yourself, the last thing you want to do after a nice meal is to clean up after somneone.

PrimoEats Sous Vide Immersion Circulator ReviewThat’s why I was so relieved to see that most of the components were detachable which meant that I could tell my wild ones to put it under water and let it dry.

Assembling it once again was also a breeze so no sort of complications in that realm!

4) Finally A Real Warranty!

When someone comes at me and offers me a three month warranty, I just want to tear him a new one.

I mean, if you as a company have any sort of confidence in your product then you shouldn’t be playing with your customers.

In todays day and age, where lying to someone is expected to get ahead in life, having a safe spot can be a huge boom to your popularity and brandability!

With a one-year warranty under my wig, I didn’t experience any sort of resilience when the time was ripe to buy this model.

What Could Be Improved Upon

1) It’s Too Small

Too small might be a bit of an overstatement but I myself am a big guy and I like my portions to be huge.

Although a fair bit of power goes into this machine, I didn’t really find it usable for any sort of bigger meals, much less gatherings.

This seems to be a common theme in cookers used for sous vide that will hopefully be catered to in the future.

2) More Power Please

Although my meat was very nicely cooked and it felt evenly rare on all sides, I was still a bit hesistant to stop the entire process and just eat my food raw straight from the cooker.

I might be a bit of a hothead but I don’t really appreciate waiting for my food so I would like to see a bit more power to the engine and in the end, to me, the consumer.


This is the perfect machine designed for sous vide cooking as the general idea of suvee explains itself best with this adage: ”Quality over quantity”

Although I would love the machine to be able to cook more and at a faster rate, the thing that comes out of it is just top notch.

I would even go as far as to call it better food than many restaurants could ever produce.

If you are up for a professional meal or you just want to impress someone with your so called cooking skills, this product was MADE for you!



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