Oliso 60001000 Pro Review

Oliso 60001000 Pro Cooking System

In this review of the Oliso 60001000 Pro 11 Quart Sous Vide Oven we will look at the sous vide machine features and results. You will need the Oliso Smart Top for suvee cooking and this sits on top of the induction smart hub.

Main Features

The Oliso 60001000 Pro is unique in that it offers an induction hub, where you can cook conventionally using all kinds of methods, and the bolt on smart top which transforms it into a true sous vide machine, where you can cook vacuum sealed bags of food at precise temperatures.

There are gold plated contacts that connect the smart top to the hub, so when you dock it the hub will recognize it immediately and will be able to communicate with it. There is no requirement for additional batteries or recharging here.

With the smart top you will be able to cook sous vide and experience excellent cooking results because the Oliso has very precise temperature control. It maintains the temperature of the water very well and it does not matter how long you are cooking for.

Oliso 60001000 Smart Hub Induction Cooktop with Precision Top Removable 11 quart Sous Vide OvenThe water bath temperature will be maintained to within ±0.1°C which is very impressive. This means that all of your suvee cooking will be set and forget. With this kind of temperature stability you can just leave the Oliso to cook perfect meals for you, while you do other things.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the Oliso, and although it is a multipurpose machine, the sous vide qualities are certainly there. At the bottom of the water bath there is a spacer plate that ensures your pouches of food do not touch the bottom. The rack that holds the food pouches is adjustable, and ensures that your food will be evenly cooked.

It is not as compact as other suvee machines and measures 18 inches by 14 inches by 17 inches. It also weighs over 24 pounds. The smart top can hold around 10.4 liters of water which should be sufficient for most sous vide cooking at home.

Because it uses induction, the Oliso can heat the water in the smart top faster than most immersion circulators. It also uses less energy to do this as well.

Using the Oliso is easy. When you dock it into the smart hub the display changes immediately and it will present you with the controls for sous vide cooking. After filling the bath with water you just have to set the temperature that you want to cook at. You can set the temperature between 86°F and 194°F (30°C to 90°C).

Once the water temperature has been achieved the hub will sound an audible alarm and the display will tell you that you need to place your vacuum sealed bags into the water bath. When your bags are in you can set the timer for your required cooking time.

There is no water pump with the Oliso. It uses convection to make the water circulate and as a result it is virtually silent when it is cooking. There is a lid which prevents water evaporation, and this means that watching the cooking process to ensure water levels do not drop too much is not required.

Biggest Advantages!

Oliso Pro Smart Hub Induction Cooktop With Precision Smart Top ReviewNot only will you be able to get perfect sous vide cooking results with the Oliso, you will also be able to use the hub with conventional cooking ware for other methods of cooking. This alleviates the need for several different cooking devices in your kitchen.

If you have cooked steaks sous vide then you can use a skillet on the hub so that your steaks can be seared with a torch. All you have to do is take off the smart top and then use the induction hub with your skillet.

The Oliso has excellent temperature stability which means that you can rely on it to deliver perfect souvide gourmet cooking every time. Everything will be cooked evenly and if you have used the right temperature and time settings then your food will be cooked to perfection.

The controls on the Oliso hub are clear and precise. It will not take you long to master all of the controls and understand what all of the different icons mean. As an example, there is a “bag” icon that appears when it is time to put your vacuum sealed food bags into the water bath.

Anybody can use the Oliso to cook great gourmet meals. As long as you can use your sous vide vacuum sealer to  food in bags and set the right temperature you will succeed. Everything is laid out well and the display is very clear.

The induction system does a great job of heating the water in the bath quickly and it is quicker than most immersion circulators. It is very energy efficient as well, and does not use as much power as other sous vide machines.

Because the water bath is detachable it is a lot easier to fill it with water, empty the water from it and clean the water bath compared with other suvee machines that have dedicated water baths.

Some Minor Disadvantages

Oliso Pro Smart Hub Induction Cooktop With Precision Smart TopIt is true that the Oliso has a larger footprint than other best sous vide water oven machine and some users felt that it was just too big. What you need to bear in mind is that this is a multipurpose cooker, and the additional hob adds weight and bulk.

The rack that is supplied with the Oliso is designed to accommodate four vacuum sealed food bags. Other commercial sous vide machines can hold up to 20 bags. The size of the sous vide bags used are much larger with the Oliso.

For some people, the $500 price tag will be too much. What you have to bear in mind here is that you are getting a multipurpose hub and a sous vide machine in one. Plus there are more “tops” being planned by Oliso such as a griddle. It is comparable to other high quality machines that cook sous vide.

The Verdict

Going for the Oliso makes a lot of sense if you are planning to use the hob for other cooking applications. Even if you are not, it is still very high quality sous vide equipment that compares favorably with other machines in the same price range.

The Oliso provides superb versatility and the temperature stability is excellent. So if you want perfect sous vide cooking results, the Oliso Pro Smart Hub with Smart Top is a very good choice.



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