Ivation Water Oven Review

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The Ivation Sous Vide Water Oven is brand new to the market and comes with a few unique cooking capabilities.

  • Temperature accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Two-piece set
  • Fast meal preparation
  • Up to 99-hour timer

Breakdown of the Features

Similar to a crock pot, the water oven style heats the contents from the bottom and sides of the device to warm the prepared and bagged food at the center. This allows for even cooking and tender meals with little to no loss of nutrients. The digital settings ensure temperature accuracy as well as easy to use display.

Since in this particular model the water does not circulate it comes with a specially made heat conductive rack to keep your food safely immersed in the heater for even and consistent cooking. Finally, the last thing this cooker has to offer is a whopping 99-hour timer option. This goes far beyond the 60 hour options you’ve seen in our two previous entries. That is some serious slow cooking!

One of the most important features is temperature accuracy. Seeing as it’s a machine that will ultimately serve everyone with delicious foods and has dual functionality with baking and cooking, temperature is everything. The sous vide machine allows you to utilize perfect temperature settings without having to worry about certain foods not being cooked all the way through. A practical addition to any kitchen, the 99-hour timer can help assist you DAYS in advance if you’re very picky mother in law likes to show up extremely early, and not on time in order to see how well you keep up with cooking and the household. (most of us have been there – be one step away of her!)

Ivation 9-Quart Water Oven

Check out the Ivation Water Oven for those on a budget and looking for versatility in the way their kitchen works

If you’re in search of a healthier lifestyle, incorporating a machine as such will also assist you and be by your side. With precise temperatures and perfection in programming, you don’t have to worry about the machine creating the food in the unhealthiest of ways. Anything you make won’t be overly greasy or fattening, and this machine will do it with ease and with little assistance needed by you.

Though this style is just as easy to use as its two button predecessors, this water bath immersion cooker comes with a few more options so you don’t have to use the same button for multiple functions.

Beyond the aforementioned, this machine uses super simple mechanisms in order to use it. You won’t have to read eighty cookbooks and machine manuals in order to make the most out of this, as you can take your healthy ingredients, place them in a vacuum sealed sous vide bag, and begin cooking them in the bath oven portion of this Ivation sous vide. In having such a super simple operation, you can avoid a mess in the kitchen, and present food that’s as if a real chef made it. Even if you aspire to be a chef, this is a great tool to have within your home or your kitchen.


We can’t say that there aren’t many disadvantages, as there are a plethora of useful and appealing features of this product that aid amateurs and professionals in the creation of delicious meals. Providing practical and easy ways of presenting these meals, you can do so by placing your items within and pressing a button.

We think that the biggest advantage of this product is the ease of use, which is huge in the world of sous vide machines.

Those who are new to the world of cooking and appliances may feel overwhelmed at a phrase of words that doesn’t ring a bell in their head (sous vide), but that’s not something you have to worry about with this machine.

Another advantage of this product is that it prevents the user from overcooking and overheating food. Those who aren’t the best with checking up on food will find solace in the appealing features this Ivation machine has to offer. The aforementioned machine also comes with a food pouch rack, tongs, cooker with lid, and a user guide along with a cooking guide. For those who are amateurs – you’ll LOVE this product.


The opposite of the aforementioned, we can’t say that there are many drawbacks to purchasing this sous vide machine.

One of the most asked questions is if this machine circulates the water – the answer is no.

While this may be a disadvantage to some, the machine makes up for it and provides its own way of creating the optimal environment for the temperature to remain perfect.

All in all, the disadvantage mentioned isn’t something that affects the performance of the product whatsoever, it simply is a new way implemented within the machine.

The Final Verdict

If you couldn’t tell already, we highly enjoy this product and the aforementioned features. There isn’t anything that truly takes away from the usefulness of this machine and it’s quite easy to use. Those who are amateurs and budget conscious will love to find this bargain online.

We can’t say anything good enough about this machine that we already haven’t mentioned and we definitely suggest that you check out the Ivation Sous Vide machine for those on a budget and looking for versatility in the way their kitchen works.


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