InLife K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver Review 2019

InLife K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver Review

InLife is known for creating incomparable and reliable products. It’s long been known that vacuum sealing has many benefits. Those benefits include saving freezer or closet space and reducing how much you waste. However, for the purpose of this article, I’ll be focusing on using it for sous vide.

Sous vide is a cooking technique in which food is vacuumed sealed in the best sous vide vacuum sealer and then cooked in a controlled sous vide machine. This method of cooking is ideal in order to obtain a perfectly even cooked and delicious dish. An inexpensive and high-quality option is the InLife K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver.

Main Features

InLife K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver ReviewThe InLife K8 is easy to use, flexible, and convenient. It can be used by anyone. By just slipping the bag in the sealer and lightly pressing on it, the K8 will start to vacuum out the air and seal it. In just seconds it’s ready to go. It also provides flexible vacuuming options; it offers full automatic vacuum sealing, half vacuum sealing, sealing only, and air suctioning, perfect for whatever you may need.

The full automatic vacuum sealing option (VAC button) will automatically suck out all the air and seal the bag. The half vacuum sealing option will provide you with more control over the vacuuming process.

First, you press the VAC button and then hit the start/stop button the control the vacuum, and when finished use the manual seal button to seal the bag.

Whatever method you choose to use, while sous vide cooking it is extremely important you remember to seal the bag airtight so water won’t get in while you cook.

InLife K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver ReviewOnce it’s all sealed up just put the newly vacuum sealed food in a water bath, it’s as easy as that. You can also choose to just seal the bag with the InLife K8 if that’s what you need to do, using the manual seal button.

Another great option is the air suctioning option. This option is great for canning all your homemade preserves and pickles. The vacuum sealer is also extremely convenient, taking only seconds to seal your food to perfection. It also uses very little energy, saving you even more money.

The InLife K8 comes with two sizes of bags but can seal bags up to 12 inches wide. I was amazed at how well this product performed. It is also very durable. This is my favorite vacuum sealer, better than all the others, because of its simplicity and its sleek and compact design making storage a breeze.

The Verdict

I recommend this product for everyone, whether sous vide cooking is on your agenda or not, you’ll love the InLife K8. I especially love it for sous vide cooking, but it’s great for vacuum sealing foods you want to freeze or preserve as well. I’ve used it for freezing and nothing has ever gotten freezer burn.

It also keeps food fresh by preventing mold from forming, saving you money. Your meat will stay good up to six times longer and cheese up to sixteen times longer. You’ll love how well this product performs and how much time and money it’ll save you.

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