Gourmia GSV900 Sous Vide Review

Gourmia GSV900 Sous Vide Self Contained Circulating Water Oven with Rack Product Image

The sous vide have been a chef and foodie secret for years now; however, home chefs all over the world are quickly discovering the benefits of having a sous vide. It works like this: You put your food into a vacuum-sealed sous vide bag inside a pot of water. The sous vide control the temperature and circulates the water to make sure the food inside that pouch is cooked to divine perfection. Yumminess ensues.

Main Features

The most unique thing about the Gourmia GSV900 is that it’s a self-contained sous vide machine. In general, sous vides usually clamp onto a pot that you own (or buy) and penetrate the water to do the temperature regulating and circulating. With the GSV900, you don’t have to worry about finding a pot that suits your sous vide, because this sous vide is an all-in-one product.

Gourmia GSV900 Sous Vide Self Contained Circulating Water Oven with Rack - Stainless Steel - 10 Quart- Includes Free Recipe Book - 110V

The Gourmia GSV900 Water Oven is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly sous vide machine that makes great food!

You may be wondering if its capacity is super small since it’s self-contained—well, it isn’t. Brilliantly, this gem has a 10qt capacity, meaning you can steam up to 12 bags at a time. It also includes a rack, so it’s easier to steam multiple sous vide bags. It’s pretty nifty.

The temperature and circulation controls on the Gourmia GSV900 ensure that your food is full of flavor and exquisitely tender. If you’re like me and you hate rubbery, chewy steak, I know that that has piqued your interest. Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth meats with little hassle is what interested me in sous vide in the first place and this product definitely delivers on that.

Another thing I like is the fact that it’s not too heavy. It only weighs eight pounds. I hate lugging heavy things around, but more importantly, this is good news for seniors and people who have restrictions on the number of pounds they can lift due to surgery or injury. If you’ve ever had back pain, you know that every pound counts, so I think this is really important to mention, since some might worry that a self-contained sous vide would be heavy.

Also, there’s great versatility in the temperature settings. They can be set anywhere from 32F (0C) to 212F (100C). It may sound to you like this sous vide doesn’t get hot but remember that sous vides cook at lower temperatures for longer periods, making this ideal.


There is a lot to like about the Gourmia GSV900 self-contained sous vide cooker:

  • Most importantly, it’s self-contained. If you hate dealing with sous vides that require you to use your own pot, you’ll know how vital this is.
  • Capacity: The fact that it can steam 12 bags and hold 10qts adds to its versatility. You could easily make a whole meal in one go.
  • The high-quality temperature and circulation is key: This is what makes a sous vide a good sous vide. With proper temperature and circulation, your meat or fish will be succulent; the juice and seasonings seep in deeper, enhancing the flavor. A good sous vide makes a great meal, put simply.
  • On the note of temperature: I love the versatility of the temperature settings. It has a temp range of 100 degrees Celsius (180 degrees Fahrenheit). This allows you to cook a wider variety of dishes as well as customize things to your liking.
  • Weight: It’s light-weight. As I mentioned, weight is an important decision factor for many people when choosing the product that’s right for them.
  • It comes with a great, readable manual, which will minimize the chances of consumers getting stuck in the quick setup process.


Some people have reported it being a bit noisy, but this can be remedied by carefully reading the setup instructions. There is a reason that Gourmia has very specific instructions for setting up this model; if you don’t follow them, it’s not really a con. It’s just something to note.

The Verdict

The Gourmia GSV900 is definitely worth getting. It has an attractive design and easy setup. The temperature controls are top-notch, ensuring that it lives up to its name as a sous vide by delivering you the best fish, meat and veggies you’ve put in your mouth. Its self-containment is one of the main features I adore. I don’t like buying extra accessories to use with the equipment I just bought. The all-in-one style definitely suits my needs, and I believe many others will feel the same.


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