Four Delicious Summer Recipes For Sous Vide Side Dishes

Side dishes are always a great complement to the main dish, and a sous vide cooking can make them even better.

You will see how it works if you just choose one of these delicious summer sous vide side dishes. It is pretty simple, and in the end, you will love it and ready to try the next one.

Hot Potato Salad

This tasty salad is a great side dish for the majority of meat dishes and even for the fish. You will need following ingredients to make it:

–    5 kg of red potatoes

–    5 slices of bacon

–    One red onion

–    30 ml of white vinegar

–    One tablespoon of granulated sugar

–    One teaspoon of salt

–    ½ teaspoon of black pepper

–    ¼ teaspoon of dry mustard

–    One leaf of parsley

Dice potatoes and put it in a sous vide bag and then cook it for about 45 minutes at 85˚C until it gets nicely tender. Meanwhile, in a skillet, cook the bacon until it gets crispy, then put it aside. In the same skillet, fry the diced onion in the bacon grease and when it’s done, glaze it with the white vinegar.  Whisk it all in the sugar, add the salt and pepper and then put it in a serving bowl along with potatoes. In the end, add the bacon and parsley and toss it evenly.

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Delicious Polenta

To make this delicious polenta you will need a few ingredients, and it is quite simple so let’s see what we need:

–    200 g of coarse ground polenta

–    1 liter of whole milk

–    100 g of butter

–    250 g of Parmesan cheese

–    Salt and pepper

Put the polenta, milk, and butter to a sous vide bag, then cook it in a water bath at 90˚C for about two and a half hours (for better results you should check When you’ve finished with the cooking, put it immediately in a serving bowl with the Parmesan and toss. In the end, just season with a salt and pepper.

Couscous with vegetables and feta

When you need to cook something fast, this light Couscous with vegetables and feta could be the right choice. And you won’t need many ingredients for this yummy summer side dish.

–    175 g of dried couscous

–    One tablespoon of chopped mint

–    15 ml of white wine vinegar

–    One clove garlic

–    50 ml of olive oil

–    130 g of crumbled feta

–    Salt and pepper

Pour the 240 ml of the just-boiled water in the sous vide bag along with a couscous and remove air with a displacement method. Cook it for about eight minutes in the water bath on 85˚C. After the couscous is cooked, leave it to sit for about 2-3 minutes, and meanwhile prepare the dressing – mix the vinegar with garlic and olive oil. After that, pour the couscous into a serving bowl and toss with the dressing. Strew the crumbled feta and chopped mint on top and just season it with salt and pepper.

Sous Vide Butternut Squash Side Dish

If you are a beginner who wants to try something simple, this Sous Vide Butternut Squash is a perfect side dish to start with. For two people you will need:

–    Two butternut squash

–    One tablespoon of butter

–    Two leaves of sage

–    Salt

Firstly, you have to peel and dice the butternut squash. Second, put it in a sous vide bag with all other ingredients. Place the bag in the water oven and cook it for about one hour at 70˚C. After that, just rest it for a few minutes on a tray and it is ready to serve. This will be a great side dish with a pork, lamb or pasta.

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