Comparing the Two Juggernauts: SousVide Supreme and Anova

Comparing the Two Juggernauts - SousVide Supreme vs Anova Culinary

There are two manufacturers in the Sous Vide market today: SousVide Supreme and Anova. And each company offers its own advantage over the competition, along with numerous options for consumers.

We’re going to compare these manufacturers to see which offers the best sous vide machine for you.

Let’s face it – they’re both amazing brands.

SousVide Supreme: A Leader Since 2009

SousVide Supreme is the leader in the industry, and the company has the distinct advantage of introducing its first water oven in 2009. The company quickly gained recognition, and the New York Times featured their product.

The company was the first to offer a practical sous vide for home cooks.

When compared to the competition, there are a lot of great things SousVide Supreme does to differentiate itself as a leader:

Water Oven Design

The manufacturer focuses on water oven designs instead of circulators. Users benefit from a water oven design (both have their advantages) because the water oven has no moving parts. A lack of moving parts means less maintenance and repairs.

Longevity is the result of the SousVide Supreme’s technology.

Water ovens use patented technology that ensures even temperature through the edge-to-edge heating plate. The plate creates efficient thermal convection to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the oven’s bath.

Water Loss Prevention

SousVide Supreme knows that water loss is a bad thing. There are times with a circulator that the water levels get so low, you need to refill them. If you’re thinking you can set and forget a unit, this can result in improperly cooked food, too.

The company designs each SousVide Supreme with the water bath design.

A lid is included, and the lid prevents water loss from evaporation. If you’re cooking food with long cook times, this is a priceless feature because you don’t need to babysit the unit.

If I had to pick one of the main reasons this company has excelled, it is that they offer a true set-and-forget option.

Size and Cooking Capacity

SousVide Supreme Water Oven SVS10LS Product ImageEvery all-in-one model or oven will be bigger in size than a circulator. This is something I’m seeing a lot of people talk about: Anova being smaller. And yes, it ought to be smaller due to it being a circulator and not a water oven.

The Supreme brand offers a compact size for the amount of food you can cook at one time.

An example of the capacity can be seen with the:

  • SousVide Supreme SVS10LS – This model holds 11.2 liters of water and can cook 20 pouches of food, with a total weight of 115 grams.

If you’re talking about mere capacity and ability to cook a lot of food, the SousVide Supreme is the clear winner.

But you need to remember that this is a commercial grade oven.

You’ll get the highest-level quality, but you’ll also pay for it. If you find that you cook for a lot of people at one time, the ability to cook 20 pouches of food at once is a definite bonus.

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Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water OvenIf you’re a college student, money is tight, or you’re diligent with your budget, you need to consider the price of SousVide Supreme machines. A lot of these units are commercial-grade, and the price reflects this.

Yes, you can use them in your home, but they’re more expensive.

A good indicator of price is the:

The Demi is a smaller unit that holds 8.7 liters and can cook up to 12 pouches of food at once, so it’s quite smaller than the other models in the company’s lineup.

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Anova: The Newcomer with a Mission

Anova is a new company founded in 2013. The founders of Anova are passionate, and they’ve changed the way people look at sous vide, too. The company is great, and I think a lot of people wouldn’t be shocked if Anova emerged as the industry leader in another five years.

The company’s main disadvantage is that they came on the scene much later than their competitor.

Immersion Design

Anova Culinary WiFi Bluetooth Precision CookerAnova didn’t reinvent the wheel with their immersion circulator. The company utilized the same basic circulator design, but they do offer something most companies can’t: precision temperature control.

Anova’s unit runs at 800 watts (900 when using WiFi), and the unit can circulate 8 liters of water at once.

When you choose an immersion circulator, these models heat the water and circulate it to ensure the entire pot of water is the same temperature. But the unit itself doesn’t come with a lid, so pots will suffer from water loss.

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Temperature Precision

We weren’t able to elaborate on the temperature precision of Anova’s main product. This model offers intense precision within 0.01-degree variance in temperature.

The ranges are:

  • 77F at the lowest range (25C)
  • 210F at the maximum (99C)

A 360-degree pump heats the water as it’s circulated around the pot. This is an overall great design concept, and the unit even has a maximum level shut-off sensor and a minimum level alert sensor to alert users when the water level is too low.

Size and Capacity

Sleek and small, if you’re limited on space, the Anova Precision Cooker is great because it can fit in most drawers with a small footprint of 2.75” wide and 14.75” in length. Users can also attach the unit to most pots and pans, so it’s versatile.

The unit can circulate 8 liters of water per minute, so you’ll cook fewer pouches of food with Anova than SousVide Supreme.

But the closest thing SousVide Supreme offers to a personal unit is the Supreme Demi. This smaller water oven has a capacity of 8.7 liters, so it’s very close to the Anova in this respect.


Anova has one main product: the precision cooker. This leaves you with little options from the company, but when you’re on top of the immersion circulator market, this allows you to perfect your product.

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Update July 2018: Anova has recently released their Anova Nano – a more affordable version of their award-winning Anova Precision Cooker. Read our review of the Anova Nano!

Our Final Thoughts

Anova Precision Cooker vs. the Joule - Which is BetterConsumers will find that each brand is an innovator. SousVide Supreme brought the first compact, affordable unit to the market, and the company has introduced several models that are smaller in capacity or offer their own benefits to consumers.

Anova maximizes the technology of an immersion circulator, and this allows the company to be the best for personal use.

If you plan on using a sous vide machine for just yourself, an immersion circulator saves you money, space and time. Anova’s impeccable heating dispersion allows it to hold the top spot for single use, and we haven’t found a model that’s better yet – although the Joule comes close.

SousVide Supreme is unmatched for commercial use.

When you’re able to cook 20+ pouches of food at one time, you’re either preparing your own food for the entire week, or you work in a commercial setting. Numerous diners and restaurants use the Supreme brand because of the larger capacity.

Anova’s cheaper price makes is a budget-friendly option. The Demi is the only smaller unit in SousVide Supreme’s lineup, and it’s still double the price of the Anova.

So, if you need a commercial unit, choose SousVide Supreme, but for personal use, Anova is the clear winner.

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