Chicken and Pork Sous Vide Recipes That You Should Try

Cooking can be a challenge especially for those who don’t really spend too much time in the kitchen. It can only take seconds for your precious meat to dry up and get ruined and it is always discouraging when this happens.

There are many factors that cause imperfect cooking of meat or vegetables and the common one is not having the right temperature. When the cooking temperature is not precise you will end up with either undercooked or overcooked meat.

Having undercooked meat means putting you and others at risks for various illnesses since bacteria and other pathogens can still be thriving in the food. Salmonella, E. coli, toxoplasmosis, and listeria are the most usual bacteria found in undercooked meats.

On the other hand, when meat is overcooked you lose its inherent nutrients. This is because the longer you cook any type of meat, the more nutrient it loses. Another problem with overcooked meat is its unattractive appearance which can reduce its palatability.

With all these possibilities, cooking has always been a challenge. Good thing there are already many innovative cooking methods used today that can help ease the cooking process and one of it is Sous Vide.

The Sous Vide technique is now widely used in various restaurants because with this, anyone can achieve professional quality results.

Sous Vide refers to the process of vacuum sealing food in a sous vide bag with the best home vacuum sealer then immersing in a water bath. By doing this, the food is exposed to controlled temperature. Thus, it is perfectly cooked.

When using Sous Vide method of cooking, you are guaranteed to have perfectly cooked meat and vegetables without having to sit over a hot pot while stirring. You can be a chef in no time.

Here are some mouth-watering chicken and pork recipes cooked through Sous Vide. These are simple yet delectable meals that you can try anytime.

1.     Sous Vide Chicken Breast With Lemon and Rosemary

This is a go-to kind of meal because most ingredients are readily available in your pantry. This is finished on a grill to add a different flavor to the meat.

The things you need are the following:

·       1 pound chicken breast (boneless)

·       1 cup water

·       2 ½ tablespoon salt

·       1 tablespoon sugar

·       2 cloves minced garlic

·       1 sliced lemon

·       Fresh rosemary leaves

·       Black pepper (freshly ground)

·       1 tablespoon olive oil



1.      In a bowl, combine water, sugar and 2 tablespoons of salt. Mix properly and make sure that the sugar and salt are dissolved before adding the chicken. Cover and refrigerate for about 45 minutes.

2.      Switch your Anova Sous Vide precision cooker to 146°F.

3.      Drain the chicken and pat dry using a paper towel.

4.      Make a paste by crushing the garlic together with the remaining salt. Cover the chicken with this paste then season with salt and pepper before topping with lemon slices.

5.      Put the chicken in a zip lock bag together with olive oil and rosemary leaves then seal. Cook for 1 ½ hours.

6.      Remove after the set time and grill on each side for 1 minute. Serve.

2.     Juicy and Tender Sous Vide Roasted Chicken Recipe

A useful tip: when choosing a chicken, pick ones which are not more than 4 pounds. The bigger the chicken is, the tougher its meat will be.


·       1 whole chicken, split in half

·       Sweet onion

·       Diced shallots

·       Celery, cut into pieces

·       2 slices of lemon

·       1 clove minced garlic

·       Meat rub



1.      Rinse the chicken with cold water then pat dry. Cut in half and sprinkle with meat rub all over.

2.      Add vegetables and other ingredients to the underside of the chicken and vacuum seal.

3.      Set the Sous Vide Cooker to 150°F for 5 hours.

4.      After 5 hours, remove the chicken from the bag and collect all the juices. Discard the vegetables.

5.      Put chicken in a roasting tray and cook in the oven at 450°F until it turns golden brown.

6.      Remove chicken from heat and drizzle with the juice.


3.     Easy to Follow Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin Recipe

For this recipe you’ll need the following:

·       2 Pork tenderloins (about 1 pound each)

·       1 ½  tablespoon of your favorite dry rub

·       1 ½ tablespoon salt

·       2 tablespoon butter

·       Black pepper (freshly ground)



1.      Dry the meat.

2.      Generously season with salt, black pepper, and dry rub.

3.      Top each meat with 1 tablespoon of butter. Place in a zip lock bag and vacuum seal.

4.      Place the bag in a Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven and set the temperature to 134-140°F. Leave for 2 hours.

5.      Before serving, dry the meat and grill it or sear in a hot pan. Serve and enjoy!

4.     Sous Vide Double Cut Pork Chops

Pork chops are one of the hardest meats to cook perfectly, especially when it has a thick cut. When using the traditional method of cooking, it can take you several attempts before perfection, but when you use Sous Vide, you can easy achieve this goal.

Here is another pork recipe using thick double-cut chop. For this, you will need the following:

·       Thick double-cut pork chop

·       Salt and pepper to taste



1.      Make sure that the meat is dry.

2.      Liberally season with salt and pepper.

3.      Place in a plastic bag and seal.

4.      Cook the meat in 135 to140°F for a minimum time of 45 minutes. If you want your meat to more tenderized, cook it for 4 hours.

5.      Remove from bag and sear with a torch using clear oil or butter. Make sure to sear all sides especially the especially the fat cap on the top. This part needs to crisp a bit to enhance its taste.

As you can see, cooking Sous Vide won’t require you any practice. Anyone can cook using this method without having to worry about the result.

Cooking Sous Vide is not limited to chicken, pork, and other meat products because even vegetables and fruits can also be cooked this way.

The thing that I love about Sous Vide is the simplicity of meals you can prepare. Those ingredients we have mentioned in those recipes are staples in our pantries.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your own sous vide machine so you can impress your friends and family with all these easy and delicious recipes.

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