Who Benefits Most from Sous Vide Cooking

There is happiness in a good meal.  Most times we are not too happy.  Fast food often wins over fine food because of the grind of work, family and your daily routine.  Sous Vide cooking can counter this trend, but only the most organized among us can reap the delicious rewards.

Coaches say championships are won on the practice field.  Preparation is just as critical in a Sous Vide kitchen.  The time spent preparing translates into a shortened, stress free cooking experience just before serving.  Entire meals can be prepared and frozen, ready to go straight into a water bath and from there to dinner plates.  A small investment in prep time can yield a week of fine dining.

For those of us brave enough to throw parties, Sous Vide cooking allows you to have the proper amount of food on hand, with no guesswork or waste.  Large amounts of food can be prepared and low heated to perfection.  Instead of spending time in the kitchen, cooks preparing food with sous vide techniques can spend more time their guests.  When the food is ready they merely open the bags, arrange on a plate, garnish and serve.  If fewer guests arrive, the extra food can go from the water to the refrigerator without ever being exposed to the air.  The sous vide vacuum sealer can enhance the storage life of cooked food to make an after party as satisfying as the party itself.

Sous Vide allows the most organized among us to take chaos out of the kitchen and bring relief to their refrigerators.  Pre-cooked meals can be prepared days in advance.  Bags filled with entrees, side dishes and vegetables can offer a freezer full of variety to spruce up your diet.   Being busy will not preclude eating well.  Kitchen time will be streamlined, turning cooking into clockwork, freezer to water bath to dinner table.  A bell will ring and after a few finishing touches, a gourmet meal is served.

No chef loves surprises.  Recipes are written down so no matter how many times a dish is made, it will be consistently as good as the chef’s talent allows.  Sous Vide cooking removes uncertainty from mealtime.  There’s no chance of overcooking because the temperate of the water never exceeds the desired internal temperature of the food.  Low temperature cooking slowly and evenly distributes the heat, so the food is uniformly done.   There are no burnt edges or underdone interiors.  With the longer cooking time, the seasonings and spices are well dispersed.  Good meals will happen first time, every time, when the desired internal temperature is reached.

For the beef eaters among us, there is beauty in tenderness and there is nothing more stunning than a prime cut of beef Sous Vide cooked to perfection.   The cliché about using a fork instead of a knife had to originate in the kitchen of someone who used this method.

Slow low temperature cooking tenderizes meat by manipulating the beef’s enzymes.  These are most active right before the proper internal temperature of the meat is achieved.  Low temperature cooking allows the meat to stay in the 120 – 129.9 F degree range for an extended period of time, allowing the enzymes to work longer.  This produces a meat much more tender than meat cooked in the traditional methods.

In the home, the well-organized cook will benefit and enjoy Sous Vide the most.  In business, the small restaurant owner will profit the most.  Money will be saved on seasonings, reduction of waste and lower energy bills.  Diners will be impressed by the consistently fine food coming from your kitchen.  Your prep staff will assumed greater responsibilities, allowing your line cooks the time to be more creative, artistic and skilled.

Sous Vide cooking is a radical old way of bringing new life into cooking.  For those bored with the skillet and pan, making the jump from the frying pan into the water bath will be a refreshing change of pace.

Meals are a time of celebration and sharing.  Sous Vide cooking offers benefits seldom associated with the other forms of food preparation.  Simply stated, it is a better way to cook, eat and enjoy our time at the table and in the kitchen.

Be brave and adventurous.  Save money and time.  Let low temperature cooking moving you from fast food to consistently excellent meals. Get into suvee cooking now. Find your first, and last, best sous vide machine here!

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