Aged Beef Short Ribs

1). Find and prep really nice well aged beef short ribs. You may have to contact your local butcher in advance to obtain a 30 day aged, full length beef short ribs that is over 75% meat. Remove the cap and most of the fat, leaving a very thin layer of fat. Trim off the hard gristle on the backs but not so much that they fall off the bone when cooked.

2). Rub liberally with a dry rub that will pair well with your sauce. Vacuum seal and refrigerate for 48 hours.

I use as simple rub:

1 tbsp spicy smoked paprika

3 tbsp kosher salt

1 tbsp telicherry black pepper

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp dried rosemary

3). Cook in a 155F immersion bath for 20-22 hrs. When they look like they’re barely holding onto the rib bone, they’re done.

4). Prepare your sauce. If you have full sized ribs, even 22 hours will not permeate your rub all the way through, so you will want to serve with dipping sauce, and liberally coat before grilling. I add a splash of habanero sauce, and very importantly I add two whole rehydrated chipotle peppers, as well as the water from hydrating them. Reduce down by 50% and refrigerate for 12 hours.

5). Fire up grill to very hot, remove ribs from water bath, quickly trim all external fat and membranes that didn’t render (there will still be plenty of fat inside), slather with sauce and grill.

Grilling time is personal preference, but you have a lot of leeway; we left a rib on the BBQ for almost an hour and it was still gorgeous. I personally only grill for 5-7 mins, just long enough to get me some carmelization of the sauce and maillard of the meat.

Note: If you have a smoker, be sure to utilize it!

If you don’t have an immersion bath, check out our sous vide water oven reviews!

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