AdirChef Sous Vide Review

AdirChef Digital Sous Vide Pod Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker Product Image

AdriChef has given us everything you could want in an immersion cooker. This particular sous vide cooker lets you cook in any pot in your inventory. You simply attach the apparatus to the side of the pot any stick pot and await your mouth watering meal.

Check out some of its wonderful features and benefits:

  • Temperature accuracy
  • Easy to use (only two buttons)
  • Digital settings
  • Fits most standard size stock pots to save space
  • Price and design
  • Circulation

So, what does all this mean? Well, to start making sure your sous vide immersion cooker has an accurate temperature is paramount to any quality cooking product. The accuracy guarantees consistency in cooking times and meal preparation.

Biggest Advantages!

AdirChef Digital Sous Vide Pod Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker with Digital Timer Review 2017

AdirChef has made a great, easy to use immersion circulator for beginners! It’s a great value for those not looking to break the bank!

The intuitive two button system is easy to use. The power button will turn the device on (as we would all hope), as well as allow you to choose your time settings. The second button features an image of a gear on it for your temperature settings which, you can use to raise or lower your desired temperatures. And that’s it, you’re good to start getting saucy. Or steamy, it’s your choice.

The next feature this device has to offer is its compact design. The space you will save by not buying and entire immersion cooking pot is great for cooking in small spaces. The way the AdirChef sous vide works is by adhering to the size of any stock pot you might have kicking around your kitchen. This means that you are using pots you already have in your kitchen and need not find extra space to store an entirely new sous vide machine. Just enough space to stock the compact immersion rod, which bring us to…

The design of this neat kitchen contraption is matched only be the reasonable price tag. It is small enough to fit in a draw or cupboard and the sleek and modern design will go well with any stainless steel kitchen motif. The method of adhering the device to the side of your favorite pot is fast, easy, and comparable with standard sizes.

Sous vide style cooking also allows you to keep all the nutrients vacuum sealed inside a sous vide bag. This way the food you prepare will be healthier.

The last thing we will talk about here is the circulation of the cooker itself. This may be one of the most important features in its design. Unlike a typical water oven sous vide that uses a pot to cook everything from the bottom up or from the sides, the immersion circulator cooker uses a circulation mechanism to stir the contents of the pot.

This little guy can handle a little more than two gallons a minute, meaning that you can maintain temperature stability in pots up to five gallons. We think that is pretty impressive for a device this small.

It also means hands-free cooking on your part for sauces, soups, and all kinds of protein.


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