Achieve a Mouthwatering Style of Sous-Vide Steak

Achieve a Mouthwatering Style of Sous-Vide Steak

Steak is the most commonly cooked food sous vide style.  It totally makes sense because when you spend a lot of dollars buying premium beef, you would like to make sure that it is cooked to perfection. It is can very frustrating to accidentally over cook something extremely expensive.

When you cook steak the traditional way in a griller or skillet, you are prone to a lot of errors. An undercooked or overcooked steak can be a big mistake. The sous vide method takes the guesswork out of the entire process.

With sous vide, the doneness of your steak will be just as you have set the temperature. Regardless of your cooking experience, you this style will guarantee you that your steak coincides exactly the way you want it to be and how it is evenly cooked. You will also be able to achieve spectacular result just like the best steakhouses.

With the sous vide cooking method, you will never ever have to poke, peek, or cut your steak to check for doneness. You also do not need to be constantly watching your steak cook. Pre-cook steak the sous vide style and finish it off in the grill or skillet when you are ready to eat.

Cooking steak the sous-vide style entails two processes. The first phase involves cooking the steak in your sous-vide device. The second phase entails searing the steak in a griller or skillet for the color on the surface, texture and flavor.

What You Will Need to Cook the Recipe

  • Ribeye/T-Bone or Porterhouse Cuts, 1 ½- 2 inches thick
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Aromatics
  • Water
  • Precision Cooker
  • Cambro container or pot
  • Vacuum packed plastic or zipper-locked bag
  • Skillet or Griller


  1. Pre-heat Precision Cooker to desired temperature.
  • Rare to very Rare (490C – 530C or 1200F – 1280F)
  • Medium Rare (540C – 570C or 1290F – 1340F)
  • Medium (570C – 620C or 1350F – 1440F)
  • Medium-well (630C – 680C or 1450F –  1550F)
  • Well-done (690C and above or 1560F and above)
  1. Allow the water bath to reach desired temperature.
  2. Season the steak with salt and pepper.
  3. Add in the aromatics evenly to both sides of the steak. If you are going to use rosemary or thyme, toss in a few to the bag.
  4. Place the steak inside a vacuum sealed or zipper-lock bag. If placing steak inside a zipper-lock bag, lower the bag with steak on a pot of water so the pressure of the water will press out the air from the bag.
  5. Drop the bag with steak on the water bath. Make sure the water bath has reach the desired temperature. Also, make sure the bag of steak does not block the output or intake parts of the precision cooker. If the plastic bag is sealed properly, the steak should sink to the bottom of the pot.
  6. Cook the steak based on these times.
  • Rare to Very Rare: 1 – ½ hours
  • Medium-rare: 2 ½ hours
  • Medium-well: 1 – 3 ½ hours
  • Well-done: 1 – 3 hours

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  1. Remove the steak from the vacuum sealed or zipper-lock bag and place on a plate lined with paper towel. Pat dry both sides.
  2. Finish cooking the steak on a griller or skillet for the surface color to turn brown and for added texture and color.

Cooking steak the sous-vide style allows you to cook it just as the chefs would – perfectly and evenly and in the most convenient manner.

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