What is Sous Vide?

Sous Vide is simply a better way to cook.

All cooking involves raising the internal temperature of food.  Traditional methods expose the food to temperatures higher than the final desired internal temperature.  Broiling, baking, searing and steaming burns away a lot of the foods flavor and moisture.

Sous Vide seals in every delicious flavor.  The essential concept of this style of cooking involves reaching foods desired internal temperature slowly, while the food is sealed inside of sturdy plastic bags.  These bags are then placed in Sous Vide water oven and slowly over a few hours, cooked.  By never applying more heat than the final desired internal temperature of the food, the taste and natural flavors are intensified.  The texture of meats, fish and vegetables will be firm yet vibrantly succulent.  The spices and seasonings added will be enhanced, for there was nowhere for their flavors to dissipate.  The bags seal in the juices and the food is evenly, slowly heated until it is served.

First developed in the late 1700’s and rediscovered by French and American chefs in the 1960’s, Sous Vide is highly popular in the industrial realm of culinary arts.  If food has to be prepared for thousands of people, Sous Vide techniques will probably be used.

If you shop in Costco, Safeway or Wegman’s food stores, you have seen and probably eaten food prepared in a slow water ovens.  Their prepared food departments use popular Sous Vide machines to make huge amounts of really good food.

It is only in the last few years has Sous Vide cooking has become convenient for the mass market.    In late 2009 the first Sous Vide Supreme machine was sold, intended for home use.  The popularity and market for these units have slowly grown.

Sous Vide is an ancient method of cooking being revitalized by today’s technology.

Don’t settle for fast food.  Take the slow road and enjoy every bit of a food’s natural flavor.

Sous Vide.

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