Understanding Sous Vide: Science Made Simple

There are many reasons why an individual may initially be hesitant to dive into sous vide cooking. For one, and individual may be intimidated by the name or reputation of sous vide cooking. Sous vide did, after all, rise to prominence in the 1960’s and 1970’s in the kitchens of highly respected restaurants.

If one were only familiar with sous vide cooking through its reputation in fine dining, it would e understandable that one might see sous vide cooking as a method of cooking reserved for highly experienced and talented chefs.

For another, one might assume that sous vide cooking necessarily has to have a high price tag, and that the initial investment may not make it worth wile in the long run.

The reality is that sous vide cooking is so widely used and appreciated because it is so easy, and consistently produces incredible results. It’s also true that sous vide cooking provides an incredible amount of value, and is all but guaranteed to pay for itself with all the time and energy you’ll save from cooking.

If you’re still hesitant to get into sous vide cooking, it may help to have a fuller understanding about how it works, and why it provides you with an incredible amount of freedom in the kitchen. The truth is that the technology and ideas behind sous vide are every bit as simple and accessible as sous vide cooking itself.

Why Sous Vide Cooking

So, you may be asking yourself what makes sous vide cooking the ideal method of preparing each and every one of your meals. The answer is not as complicated as you might think. In fact, the secrets behind sous vide cooking’s success is quite simple. There are just a few different aspects of sous vide cooking that one has to examine in order to have a full understanding of the process.

First to fully understand how to go about sous vide cooking, there’s the actual packaging of food that will be prepared by the sous vide cooker. Sous vide cooking requires the use of a vacuum sealer before cooking. The idea is that you package the ingredients you will use in cooking and remove all air from the package before heating the food using your best rated suvee machine.

The reason for this imperative step is quite plane: the vacuum sealed food seals in all the moisture, and doesn’t cause the degradation in food quality associated with boiling. Well many traditional means are preparing food require direct exposure to a heat source, sous vide creates enough distance that food quality is conserved in a way that is not seen in almost any other means of cooking.

It’s quite plain that vacuum sealer’s are in a central part of sous vide cooking, and if you are new to sous vide cooking it is essential that you take the time to find the vacuum sealer that works best for your needs. Check out our article on best sous vide vacuum sealers to find the perfect sealer today.

Well the act of stealing your food is certainly an essential part of sous vide cooking and essential to meal prep, it is far from the only thing that makes sous vide cooking so unique and effective. The reality is that the act of cooking in itself is another essential feature of sous vide cooking.

Most methods of cooking require that you expose food to very high levels of heat, which is much higher than the actual temperature strictly speaking that needs to be used for cooking. Any given good stuff when exposed to high levels of heat will degrade overtime. The reality is that higher than needed levels of heat create a loss of moisture and a breakdown of cells in a way that will result in a final product that is not as moist or succulent as it ideally could be.

By strictly regulating the temperature and time used in sous vide cooking, you can approach cooking as a science which produces perfect results time after time, and does not require unnecessary loss of moisture.

The next essential reason that sous vide cooking is objectively superior to other methods lies in the fact that spicing food to be used in sous vide cooking is incredibly effective. The traditional means of spicing food requires the inclusion of spices, and then the application of some form of direct heat. The application of direct heat will inevitably produce a reduction in the potency of any given spice.

This reduction in spice is not always uniform, and can result in spicing up food in an inconsistent manner. This is to say, that direct heat on one part of a given piece of meat will result in less potent seasoning, then on another part of any given piece of meat which was exposed less to a heat source.

The inclusion of spices into the sealed bag which will be later used in cooking ensures even spicing, and that you get the most out of a marinade or the spices that you’ve included in the recipe.

The last reason that sous vide cooking is a favorite means of preparing food lies in the fact that the food is sealed. Everybody at some point has experienced the frustration of food spoilage. The reality is that food does sometimes go bad, and it can result in expensive loss that would have been entirely avoidable with more planning, and access to higher quality means of preservation.

Thanks to sous vide cooking access to higher quality preservation has never been easier, and planning your meals affectively could not be simpler. Because food is kept in sealed packages, the food is not exposed to air. Exposure to air is one of the leading causes of food spoilage, and this can be most clearly observed in fat on meat. When exposed to air, fat is one of the first things that will spoil, and this is the root cause of meat spoilage.

With sous vide cooking, your food will last longer, you will save more money, and you will help the environment by reducing the amount of food waste that you produce each and every year. Just remember to take the time to sear your meat to get the full sous vide experience!

Final Thoughts

The reality is that sous vide cooking is factually one of the most effective means of preparing food. Whether you’re an expert or somebody new to sous vide cooking, the bottom line is that you can now prepare food like an expert and with minimal difficulty.

The theory behind the cooking method is quite clear, and its effectiveness can be observed clearly in the fantastic results that you will produce time and time again. To get these results in your own home, then check out our review page.

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