Tips for Beginners in Sous Vide Cooking

Are you up to something innovative on your cooking method? Want to experience an avant-garde type of cooking technique? Then you should try sous vide cooking.

But before you start preparing this kind of inventive style of cooking, you must first know what sous vide cooking is all about. Know some facts about where does it originate, and what are the basic steps to prepare this kind of cooking technique.

What You Need to Know About Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide is a French word which means under vacuum. Based on a historical study, sous vide cooking originally came from France in the mid-1970s. There were two chefs named Goerges Pralus and Bruno Gaussolt, who established the method and made this technique emerge significantly worldwide.

Sous vide is pronounced ‘soo-vid’. Sous vide cooking is a process of cooking in which foods are placed inside a vacuum-sealed plastic bag (click here for the best vacuum sealers) and then soaked and heated in a water bath for a longer than a normal cooking period with controlled temperature usually lower depending on what type of food is cooked.

This will eventually yield a tasty and textured food to serve. Through the process of sous vide cooking the nutrients and vitamins in the food are preserved. It doesn’t require much additives and seasonings. Salts and saturated fats are prevented. And there is possibly no chance of overcooking.

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For beginners, here are the basic steps you need to know to help you prepare good foods with sous vide in a proper and convenient way. Follow these steps and you will get excellent meals served.

Basic Steps on Preparing Sous Vide

First and foremost, in making sous vide cooking, you need to prepare the food through cutting, slicing, peeling etc. To preserve the natural shape of the cut foods, and also prevent it from warping, simply add oil. It will give greater results.

Next step is the packaging. After you prepare the food, you place it inside the plastic bag. Usually vacuum sealed. When packaging, see to it that you are adding an ample amount of oil to the bag to prevent the food from getting stuck and preserve its shape. And also avoid overcrowding.

Then you soak it in a water bath with controlled temperature, a usually lower temperature for a longer and slower cooking process. This process yields a flavourful and more textured food to serve. Normally, you can cook it at any desired time and temperature.

And lastly, it’s the finishing process which involves repacking, portioning and food preserving. Then that’s a wrap for your exceptional sous vide experience.

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Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

There are certain benefits you get from sous vide cooking. Foods that are cooked at a lower temperature for a longer period of time will certainly enhance their textures as well as the flavors to some extent. And because of that, sous vide foods will give tastier and more winsome result.

Not only that, sous vide foods are also proven healthy. Since the flavor is enhanced, normally, the consumptions of salt and fat are discouraged which obviously minimizes the chance of getting salt and fat related diseases. And of course, because of the enhanced texture, the foods will get their tenderness and certain moist that makes eating more pleasant and enjoyable as well.

Sous vide will also help you make your cooking more controllable and well-organized. You can leave your sous vide food overnight and it will cook slowly in the water bath. You can just come back a day after and get it served.

Lastly, the advantage of sous vide cooking is that you can save money.

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Choosing the Right Machine

The quality of your cooking highly depends on the quality of the cooker you choose. There are certain aspects that you need to look for in a machine to ensure best results.

Versatility – you need to make sure that your cooker is flexible. That it doesn’t only come with its own self-contained water oven. It can be utilized even with various sizes of most cook pots. Look for a machine that can fit almost any pot you find in your kitchen.

And see to it the direction of the flow of water is changeable. So that even if you are cooking something delicate, you can alter the water flow to different direction to prevent certain foods from cracking and being sucked in.

Technicality – there are machines that are expressively high-tech which have the capability of remembering what you have first set up in order to not doing it over and over again. For example, there is a touch control display wherein you can manage the amount of your cooking time which can be easily mastered through a press and hold button.

And you can choose whether to set it on a Centigrade or Fahrenheit and then the machine will automatically remember what you format before once you use it again. This is truly one good feature that is widely sought by a lot of people using sous vide cooking.

Capacity – look for a cooker that has a huge capacity. Machines that can carry up to 5 gallons are ideal wherein you can already do a lot of cooking. And that is a big advantage for your cooking option.

So when choosing the right machine for your sous vide cooking, consider all these aspects cautiously. There are well-made machines that are exceptionally easy to use with great temperature stability that guarantees best cooking results.

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