How Starbucks is Taking Sous Vide Cooking Mainstream

Until about a month ago, most people had never heard of a sous vide cooking machine. Now, Starbucks is bringing this healthy cooking technique to the mainstream with its new sous vide egg bites. While people still have trouble pronouncing it (sue-veed – in case you were wondering), they’re having no trouble gobbling up the coffee giant’s newest breakfast item.

In fact, Kevin Johnson, president and chief operating officer, said the new menu item has been “extremely well-received.”

“We are expanding production capacity to meet incremental demand for these egg bites,” Johnson said. Production expansion is good news – especially for us fans of sous vide cooking.

Starbucks has been slowly introducing healthier food items to meet the demands of customers. The sous vide egg bites (I show you how to make your own at home at a fraction of the cost)
 were the first new addition in 2017, and the coffee chain plans to add a gluten-free breakfast sandwich soon.

Starbucks and Sous Vide: The Perfect Pair

Starbucks, in my opinion, is well-positioned to take the sous vide cooking style mainstream. In the very least, the coffee chain will put the idea in front of the right eyes. And once customers get a taste of food cooked in the sous vide style first-hand, they’ll be more eager to get one for themselves.

In 2015, Starbucks posted $19.6 billion in revenue. About 60 million people visit the coffee chain every week. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

The sheer size of Starbucks’s customer base will likely – in the very least – get people interested or curious about sous vide. Those who have heard of the cooking style but thought it was only for “pretentious” cooks may now change their minds about sous vide.

Starbucks also demonstrates perfectly the practicality of a sous vide machine by offering something so incredibly simple: egg bites. If you can make delicious eggs in a sous vide, then you can make practically any meal. That may be a great selling point for sous vide machines.

The coffee giant’s target market is the 25-40 demographic of professional individuals with relatively high incomes. It can be argued, based on the company’s emphasis on introducing healthier items like the gluten-free breakfast sandwich, that Starbucks’s customers are also a little more health-conscious.

When cooking in a sous vide, you don’t need extra oils, fat and other unhealthy ingredients to make the food taste fantastic. It offers a healthier way to enjoy your favorite foods.

Starbucks has put the sous vide concept in front of the right people. The new egg bites sound trendy, the cooking style piques the interest of their customers, and before you know it, everyone has a sous vide machine (okay, it may not happen that quickly).

I, for one, am hoping this is one trend that sticks. It may not be long before we see fast-food chains offering other sous vide items. With consumers making a bigger push for healthier convenience and fast foods, we may very well see top rated suvee machines move to the mainstream.

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