Should McDonald’s Have Sous Vide Offerings?

In case you haven’t heard, Starbucks has added Sous Vide Egg Bites to their breakfast menu. And according to president and chief operating officer Kevin Johnson, the new menu item is so popular, the coffee chain has to expand production capacity to meet demand.

Now that Starbucks has gotten the ball rolling, is it time for other fast food companies – like, say, McDonald’s – to start offering sous vide items?

McDonald’s Offers All-Day Breakfast – and Profits Soar

In October 2016, McDonald’s began offering all-day breakfast in hopes of boosting sluggish sales. The popularity of food items like the Egg McMuffin and hash browns prompted company leaders to change McDonald’s policy and start serving breakfast all day long.

The move paid off, and sales easily beat forecasts in the fourth-quarter. Same-store sales in the U.S. jumped 5.7%, and sales across the world jumped 5%.

CEO Steve Easterbook credits the offering of all-day breakfast as the reason for the sales boost.

With Starbucks finding great success offering a sous vide breakfast item, McDonald’s could easily follow in their footsteps, or offer a lunch or dinner sous vide option.

McDonald’s and Sous Vide: A Healthier Option for Consumers

As consumers continue to demand healthier fast food items, brands like McDonald’s need to continue making menu changes to meet these demands. Sous vide is just the ticket to helping the company move in a healthier direction.

Sous vide cooking offers many health benefits simply because of the way the food is cooked.

When food is exposed to oxygen, heat and water, it loses quite a bit of its nutrients. Each time you boil your vegetables, you’re leeching precious vitamins and other nutrients into the water. But with sous vide, those nutrients are preserved because your food is encapsulated in a package.

Sous vide cooking also allows you to cook foods properly, so their nutrients are most bioavailable and easy to digest. Each time you cook meat in your best sou vide machine, the collagen breaks down and turns into gelatin. Gelatin is easier for our bodies to digest and absorb – and is great for the health of your gut.

In addition to preserving nutrients and improving digestion, sous vide also eliminates the need to cook with additional fat. Each time you cook in a regular pan, you need enough fat to ensure the food doesn’t stick and lose all of its moisture. With a sous vide, you can cook with minimal added fat because your food is neatly encapsulated.

Should McDonald’s Add Sous Vide Menu Items?

There are many reasons McDonald’s should at least consider adding sous vide items to their menu.

While sales are improving at the fast food chain, the addition of new menu items that cater to a wider demographic can boost sales even more.

Sous vide is also a healthier way to cook, which will attract health-conscious, younger customers. Eggs are a popular breakfast item, and offer a nutrient-rich meal that’s free of gluten and high in protein.

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