Healthy Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide technique in cooking has been used for decades. However, it is getting extreme popularity now that more and more people are looking for ways to create and have healthier meals especially at home.

Why Cook Sous Vide?

Having home cooked meals are generally healthier compared to eating out. However, there are still ways to make these meals even healthier by foregoing traditional cooking and using the sous vide cooking method.

Who can benefit in sous vide cooking? From the many high-end chefs over the years, the popular television cooking shows, sous vide cooking can benefit your own home.

There are a lot of reasons, advantages, and benefits in starting using sous vide as your home cooking method. From maximizing the use of natural flavors, perfectly timed cooking, organized kitchen, and cooking process, money and time saving to producing healthier home-cooked dishes.

Enhanced Flavors: Healthier Results

Foods that are cooked using the sous vide technique or having it cooked in a sealed package will allow the food to retain its natural flavors and juices.

Flavors, natural color, the aroma, and the original weight of the food are not lost while cooking. It doesn’t dehydrate and lose its form when cooked. Because the flavor is not lost during the cooking process, there is little or no need to add additional flavoring like salt which can be healthier especially for people who regulates their salt intake.

Cooking your food using only natural flavors makes it even healthier.

Improved Nutrition

Of all the available methods of cooking, sous vide is best when it comes to retaining more nutrients and vitamins in a dish.

Destabilizing of all the healthy and necessary nutrients in a food during the cooking process is caused by either exposure to heat, water, or oxygen. Charring the meat into over-carbonization or even leaching vitamins in boiling water can minimize or even eliminate the nutrients you need in the food you are cooking.

Also, water soluble nutrients can be lost from foods when cooking at high temperatures through evaporation of when juices leave the food. This includes losing antioxidants which are helpful in your immune system.

However, with the sous vide cooking method, you pack, seal, and cook you food in a vacuum package making all the wonderful nutrients also sealed in it too. This means that you can cook healthy foods and really get all the nutrients from those you are cooking.

No Additional Fat Required

In the traditional way of cooking especially at high temperatures, seared foods cannot be avoided. Thus, using additional fats or oils is necessary to avoid your food from burning.

While oil can be helpful in protecting your food from burning, it can more often than not be really unhealthy. Adding cooking oil to your food increases the cholesterol level and the calories.

And when oil reaches a certain temperature, its molecular of fatty acid will begin to break down or go through the process called denaturing. This will increase the radicals that are highly reactive and can attack your body tissues and increase the risk for certain illness.

Eliminating oil in cooking food is essential to avoid these effects, but how?

With cooking using the sous vide technique, there is no use for any additional oil, butter, or any form of fat. Doing this method is cooking it inside a vacuum bag eliminating the contact of food to any hot surface not unless you decide to sear it after cooking.

This cooking method is the healthiest way in regards to eliminating additional fats in cooking your food.

Stress-Free Cooking

Cooking can be easy as it can be hard. Especially when its healthy as well as good food. It can be sometimes tricky to find its perfect timing for a certain dish.

With using the sous vide procedure for your home-cooked meals, there is no guesswork involved and you are more in control of your timing. This will eliminate the possibilities of having either an overcooked or undercooked food.

This technique can be as easy as vacuum packing your food and doesn’t really take that much science, effort or time.

Healthy Foods in Advance

Healthier foods can be more time and effort consuming to prepare. Convenience and flavor don’t exactly align with dishes that are good for the health.

Cooking the sous vide way makes it easier to prepare even large quantities of healthy dishes in advance. This allows you to plan meals carefully and select quality ingredients. Having healthy meal options always ready in your own home and available in batches, you can boost more healthy food choices.

Batch cooking in sous vide way can help you save time, money, and can be healthier for you. This will allow you to adjust fat, sodium, and sugar levels of the food and control the portions you are eating.

Increased Food Safety

Food poisoning is really scary and any of those effects from eating foods that are not cooked and prepares carefully. In whatever type and technique you use in cooking, it is always essential to never take food safety for granted.

With sous vide, you are using the ideal cooking temperature of a certain type of food as the basis of cooking it. For example, you cook poultry at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and red meat at not less than 131 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it enough to effectively pasteurize your food and kill any potentially harmful bacteria.

Also, foods in sous vide method is cooked inside a sealed package or a best professional vacuum sealer. This means having no oxygen that is required for some toxic bacteria to survive. And since the package is sealed, you eliminate the possible contamination of bacteria or particles from your environment.

The searing process in the sous vide method will not just give your food a beautiful color and texture but will also kill any bacteria that may or has developed during cooking. Quick pre-sear of your food or dipping it in boiling water for 30 seconds will also ensure an increase in food safety.


Cooking the sous vide way can give you a lot of health benefits and can be your way to a healthier home-cooked dishes. More than that, it can help minimize food wastes by creating individual food portions and sous vide cooking machines uses less energy compared to gas or ovens.

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