The 6 Best Easy-to-Make Sous Vide Dishes

The art of sous vide dish cooking isn’t just a trendy buzz word. It’s been a methodology for cooking in exceptionally tasty ways for a long time, and nothing new. Much on the contrary, easy to make sous vide dishes are some of the most loved recipes because of how simple they are, and the outcome is always good.

Sous Vide Dishes: The No Fail Approach To A Juicy Dinner

Sous vide prepared dishes have a reputation for a reason. If you’ve heard about someone raving about a souse vide recipe or a very scrumptious meat or fish they just couldn’t believe was so tender, but wasn’t slow cooked or grilled, the culprit is probably a really good sous vide cooking style in a sous vide cooking machine.

By apply sous vide cooking, you’re not only ensuring your slow cooking method is producing for you the utmost juiciest outcome and paralleled taste, but you are always ensured that your meat and fish is fully cooked and never raw.

What Are The Best Easy-to-Make Sous Vide Dishes Then?

If you’re curious about what sous vide dishes are best to dive into, whether you’re a beginner with sous vide cooking machines or not, or whether you plan to go a more simplistic route of a sealed plastic bag and boiling water, the vacuum suctioning effects along with the power and science of water displacement, creates some of the greatest outcomes in tasty dishes. The real mouth-watering kind of tender that is simply unparallel to sous vide.

6 Best Easy-to-Make Sous Vide Dishes for Meat Eaters

Fish Sous Vide

As mentioned, sometimes a more variable and do it yourself approach can be taken to some meats that are cooked sous vide. One of these is certainly fish. If you’re cooking fish at low temperatures, everybody knows how difficult fish is to grill.

The fillets used in sous vide, can have wildly varying temperature degrees and lengths of cooking in order to get the most desired texture of fish. There’s a range of your personal preference to choose from which makes fish a great choice for exploration for meat eaters and newbies to sous vide machines for cooking.

Beef Tenderloin

One of the most deliciously mouth-watering textures that can come from sous vide cooking comes in the form of the beef tenderloin dish. If you’re not familiar with cooking beef tenderloin, then you might not know how finicky but worthwhile getting a perfectly tender tenderloin can turn out to be.

You can pair beef so well with vegetables and can use your best vacuum sealer for freezing to vacuum seal those directly into your meat sous vide packaging bags. Sous vide machines are highly recommended if you plan to make thicker dishes like this often, but fancy equipped is not required whatsoever to get the job done if you have the time.


One of the greatest delights for the lamb lover is when lamb is perfectly cooked. It’s one of the easiest meats to overcook – despite what some steak lovers will vow by. However, the perfect lamb texture can be a softer, moistened fillet that is undeniably one of the most flavorful meats out there. When lamb is more slowly cooked at low temperatures to the right conditions, the outcome is a lamb fillet that isn’t as tough and chewy. There are tons of incredible herbs that pair with lamb and so many different recipes to use sous vide lamb for. Sous vide lamb dishes are notable and popular because they hit the nail on the head with how tenderized of an outcome you can have without having to babysit your dish while it cooks all that time.

Sous Vide Burgers

Yes, you read that right! There’s some really fun twists that can come with cooking sous vide. It’s a great way to create the perfect meat component to many different types of dishes, including the burger. Summertime is right around the corner and you might be thinking about when you first get to break out your grill for the first time, but why wait? Did you know you could barbeque or make sous vide style burgers with just as great outcome – if not better?

You can cook burgers sous vide for you and your family, or yourself if you want a real treat, but it’s cool to note that sous vide burgers recipes is a good go-to when you have a large gathering and need to cook up a lot of burgers for a larger group.

By first cooking your burger patties in preparation with water for about 15 minutes can make a huge difference. In the meantime, you can prepare other toppings and be super prepared with already cooked patties for searing for your guests. This definitely retains a lot more flavor and juiciness of your meat as well.

Honey Glazed Ham

This is one of the perfect example of a meat lover dish that has an outcome that usually wow’s those that get to enjoy it. When you allow your meats to brine, and soak up as much water and flavor through herbs as possible, you’re only increasing the quality of your final dish.

Along with that, the slow and low temperature and timeframe of cooking sous vide meat dishes ensures that the highest flavor quality remains contained within the contained meat dish. Ham is an often overlooked dish because there are usually so many others that many people, and especially beginners, go towards – like steak and salmon – but if you’re a true meat eater and meat lover then a honey glazed ham recipe sous vide style is a must try. The tenderness of ham and the ability for it to absorb up so much more water during the preparation process is better than even steak or fishes.

Pork Belly Sous Vide

Finally, one of the most alluring and popular meats of all because of how tender the meat already is, whether sous vide or not, is pork dishes. Pork belly in particular can make an excellent brisket or slow cooked roast sous vide. Pork is known to be a great dish or meat in particular, when it comes to slow cookers, so one can only imagine how delectable a good sous vide machine could do for cooking your favorite pork belly, one of the very best easy-to-make sous vide dishes.

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